What does it mean if a male friend kisses you

Why Did He Kiss Me if We are Just Friends: 4 Reasons Why

A guy can kiss you but doesn’t want a relationship and the reasons may be long and sometimes short. We will talk about the reasons why he kissed you if you are just friends. You may have been kissed by a guy who you like but don’t be too excited because he may not be interested in you. Friends are meant to love each other right?

But what happens if he kisses you or she kisses you? Will you still want to be friends or you will like to become a couple? Let’s talk about why did he kiss me if we are just friends and see if you will remain friends after the kiss or if you will start dating.

Why Did He Kiss Me if We Are Just Friends

We will start by talking about the reasons that may be behind his motive for kissing you in the first place as your friend. Some may be disturbing but try to understand what we’re trying to talk about. 

He’s friends with benefits.

The best way to find out if a guy is interested in you is by asking him. “What makes you think I’m looking for a relationship?” might seem like an obvious question, but it’s important to consider that men don’t always see themselves as potential partners.why did he kiss me

Some may be confused about their feelings and want to test out how far they can go before getting hurt—others just want sex and aren’t ready for anything more serious yet. Either way, it’s important not to jump into something before knowing where things stand with each other (and if they even stand at all).

If he tells you straight-up that he doesn’t care about dating or commitment without any hesitation or reservations whatsoever—then chances are good that this isn’t real interest anyway!

He’s crushing on you.

You might be thinking that your friend just wants to be friends with you and is confused about how to tell you. But it’s more likely that he likes you, and is attracted to the idea of being in a relationship with someone who understands him. The problem is: A) He has a girlfriend already, B) We are just friends (although I do think this could go somewhere), C) He kissed me but he is my friend (and so did I). [READ: SIGNS THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE]

If things are moving too fast between the two of you—and this can happen even if everything seems pretty casual right now—you should talk about them before things get serious. There’s nothing worse than having an awkward conversation when there’s no reason for it; especially if someone makes an excuse not to talk about something difficult or painful in their life!

He was flirting.

There are a few different reasons why a guy might kiss you. The most likely one is that he was flirting with you, and it’s kind of obvious.

  • He was showing interest in you. This can be subtle or more obvious—for example, if he ignores you for two weeks after making his intentions clear and then suddenly says “Hey!” while standing next to your desk during office hours on Wednesday afternoon (and doesn’t even say hi back), then he probably wants something from you beyond friendship alone.why did he kiss me if we are just friends

  • He was trying to get your attention because he thinks that now would be the perfect time for him to finally ask for permission from someone who knows him well enough not only to understand what this means but also to give him an answer without being rude about it later when things go south anyway due mainly due lack communication skills rather than lack interest level).

    Do you know how sometimes when people aren’t sure whether they should talk about something important or not? Well, sometimes other times when people aren’t sure whether they should talk about important topics like feelings or feelings towards another person there may come up an awkward silence where nobody knows what to do next so instead just try saying something like “What do I say next?”

He’s interested in being more than friends, but he’s not sure how to proceed.

You’ve been friends with this guy for a while, and he’s definitely interested in you. He’s not sure how to proceed, though—he’s confused about his feelings and what you want.

You may feel like he has been holding back on telling you how much he likes you because of fears that it’ll scare away the relationship or make him seem like “the guy who puts on airs about being straight-up honest.”

But even if it does sound cheesy or corny when your friends talk about their relationships (and trust me: they do), don’t let that stop you from telling someone how much they mean to share their life with! It doesn’t have to be perfect either: just tell them how special every moment is for them is important too—even if things get hard sometimes.”

He’s just a friendly guy, who likes to kiss his lady friends.

  • He’s just a friendly guy, who likes to kiss his lady friends.

  • He wants to date you.

  • You’re the one who kissed him back and now he’s interested in dating you as well!

You must be very special because he’s not usually the guy to kiss back. He’s usually a gentleman, who would never initiate a kiss with you. [READ: SIGNS OF A TOXIC FRIENDSHIP]

He wants to take you out on a date, but he’s not sure what kind of girl you are. He doesn’t want to get too attached and then have you tell him that you’re not interested in dating him. So, what do you do? You go with him on the date and try to enjoy yourself without making any promises for the future.

The kiss is a message for you to decode.

If you are the one who has been kissed, it can be hard to determine what the kiss means. You might think that your friend is interested in you, but then he or she will do something like ignore your texts or make a joke about how you’re too old for them.

It’s impossible for anyone to know their intentions when they give someone a tender kiss on the cheek—but sometimes people give each other these little pecks as “I love you” messages without even realizing it!

So if someone gives us a kiss and we don’t know why, what should we do? Well…if this isn’t something new for us both (and if we haven’t had any previous interactions where things felt off-kilter), then I would say try not to let it bother either of us too much. Just enjoy being together while figuring out what exactly is going on between the two of us!

Why did My Friend Kiss Me?

  • He’s interested in you.

  • He’s trying to lead you on.

  • He’s trying to see if you’re interested in him.

  • He wants to make you jealous, so he can feel special and important himself (and maybe even get a rise out of his other friends).

If you’re still not sure, ask him. He’ll probably tell you what’s on his mind. If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, then it will hurt less if you hear it from him. And if he does want to be with you, at least now there’s no more confusion. [READ: HOW TO ATTRACT A BOYFRIEND]

If you’re in a relationship and you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating, then here’s what to look for: Does he spend more time with his friends than usual? Has he been acting differently (like avoiding phone calls or texts)? Is he suddenly working later hours or traveling for work? These are all signs that something might be going on behind your back.

We Kissed But He Has a Girlfriend

  • He’s not sure what he wants.

  • He’s confused about his feelings for you.

  • He’s not ready to commit, but he likes you.

  • He’s not ready to date you, but he wants to keep you around and see where things go with the friendship/co-worker situation.

  • You’re friendly and he likes you as a person and thinks that maybe it would be fun if one day when all of this feels more settled down (and maybe after some therapy) we can start dating again…but I’m still falling in love with my girlfriend who gave birth last month! (I know this sounds weird coming from such a sweet guy like myself.)

My Friend Kissed Me But He Has a Girlfriend

If your friend has kissed you, it’s time to take action. You should confront him and tell him that he needs to stop kissing other people. If he doesn’t stop, then go public with the information that his girlfriend is jealous and doesn’t like seeing her boyfriend with another girl. 

If this doesn’t work, then ask for a break in their relationship so that she can be friends with both of them again without feeling threatened by either one of them being interested in the other. In order to do this effectively, though, make sure you have proof before going public.


We hope this article has helped you understand the reasons for your friend’s kiss. Remember, if you’re confused about what happened and still want to be friends with him, then we suggest that you talk it over with him. He might just have an amazing story to tell!

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