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Signs There is Someone: 4 Ways to Know About it

We all want to be sure about the person we want to go into a relationship with. Signs there is someone are never the first thing we see. But what are the signs that they are seeing someone else or there is someone else in their lives with whom they are happy?

Here we will talk about the signs there is someone. The best thing a guy/lady can do is to know the signs that indicate that their lover is taken or not interested.

There are four ways to know the signs there is someone in their life and how to avoid heartbreak.

1. They Only Pay Casual Attention To You

This is one of the first signs you notice if you like someone. We all tend to give our full attention to anyone we love and give others general attention because we’re like why on earth should I pay attention to you when I may not get anything in return or even benefit from something tangible? Every human is a victim of this and we can’t do anything about it.

So, if you see anyone you like, check very well to know if it is a general affair or a personal one by the level of attention they give to you.

If you are the one, sure you will get the attention you deserve even if you guys just met 5 minutes ago. If a guy likes you, he will leave whatever he’s doing at that moment to get your attention and then give back his in return.

I won’t talk more about this because we all see this trait almost immediately in people.

2. You’re Always The Last Option

This can be more painful because you may think that you’re actually one but you’re not. This sadly speaking is done mostly by ladies and no offense. They tend to pretend more than guys.

You can go crazy for a guy/lady for over a year and you think that they are going to ask you out at the end of the day but it will only turn out to be a cold stone heartbreak in the end.

This is more painful than the first because at this point you have moved past the stage of casual friend and gotten to a friend level. But only when the actual person is not there. The faster we all get to know these signs the healthier our hearts will be and the lesser the hate and anger.

Because it is only a blind person that can’t see or know when a person is actually faking a smile or affinity. If we can only tell ourselves the truth and accept the signs that there is someone else, we will continue hurting ourselves and others.

Sadly, I was a victim of this sign. I thought I would be the guy not knowing that I’m just the only option when the guy is not around and it did break my heart because I wasted my time and I wasn’t even considered as a friend LOL. It was my first and it would be my last.

3. They Will Never Be The First To Say Hello

No matter how little this may seem, it really a sign that there is someone in their life or they don’t like you at all. Being the first to say hi or hello is never part of their dictionary.

They may be like why should I say hi when I know they can’t do it without talking to me? Well, I have been at both ends of this so I know what it feels like to be the lover and not the beloved.

It was terrible because it did hunt me after high school and karma got a hold of me. To be honest, even if you don’t like a person enough to go into a relationship with them, being the first to extend greetings isn’t a bad thing you know. Well, I’m both old and new school depending on what you want.

The solution to this is just to give them space and allow nature to play its part. I will cover a little more on how to control yourself even when you’ve fallen deeply in love.

4. Talking To You Is a Burden

This goes for both boys and girls. Once you’re not the one, you don’t exist and if you’re the one, you’re definitely the only person alive except for dump boys and girls. 7 signs he is seeing someone else

Talking to you when they know that they don’t like you is just a waste of time and a burden to them. This sign is usually seen on social media or when you call them.

The conversation doesn’t seem to go anywhere no matter how many pick-up lines you search on Google. It will only have four or five words reply like okay, fine, and whatever comes to their head, or worst they ignore you totally and check back after you have texted them again.

For real this is painful and I believe if you’re sensitive enough you should be able to read between the lines and tell yourself what to do. I know that sometimes they may seem like the only person on earth.

But I tell you from experience that it is just lust and nothing more than that. Don’t get me wrong because I believe in love but most of the people we like that don’t actually like us back are a result of lustful feelings. I believe most of us have experienced this.

After a while of liking someone and getting to know them better, we tend to lose that feeling almost immediately. It’s natural for that to happen because you’re human and you only had a feeling of emotions that can change at any given second.

Don’t kill yourself because you’re not the one they like. My father will always say “Time does not change anything it only reveals”. This is very accurate because as time passes you begin to develop feelings for someone else.

So before you start running head over for a guy or lady, be sure that you have knowledge of who they are and if you’re compatible.

There are other signs there is someone but I want to stop here and talk about how to know the signs there is someone else in her life or signs he is interested in someone else.

Narrowing it down to both gender will make it easier for you to know which sign you’ve been neglecting and paying the price for. The Physical Signs He is Sleeping With Someone Else are covered excellently by read more about it if you’re married or you want to learn more to stay safe from heartbreak.

According to here are signs that she is seeing someone else. And signs he is talking to someone else online.

Signs There Is Someone: For Ladies

If you’re a lady then check these signs to know if the guy really likes you or not.

  1. He never removes his eyes from his phone when you’re talking to him.
    A guy will always keep tabs on the hot lady he’s chasing and if you’re not the one, then be rest assured that you’re actually wasting your time only if you’re friends from way back. Guys are very deceptive when it gets to hiding the fact that you’re of no interest to them.

    They may laugh, touch, or even look into your eyes for a minute but it doesn’t mean anything. I say this with all honesty. I’m a guy so I know when I’m not interested and the things I can do just to keep your hopes high that I like you. I’m not talking about being nice to ladies in general.

  2. He can see you and not say anything
    Well, this tends to be more common amongst guys. a guy will not talk to you if he doesn’t like you. I mean more intimate. If you’re just someone he see’s every day or thinks you like his company and he doesn’t like you, he would barely talk to you. Sadly, it happens every day and I believe you might have experienced one.

    The only thing he’s concerned about is the girl that he wants or if he’s a playboy, he will just deceive you to get your pants down and after that, you’re added to the tally. Be smart ladies, not every cute guy is for you to date. Some are just for you to admire and walk away from. The faster you accept this, the better.

  3. He doesn’t pick up or return your calls.
    A guy who doesn’t like you will not pick up your calls or even return any. You will be his topic each time he’s with his friends and that will only paint you a desperate and uncultured lady. Don’t do it. If he’s not yet your boyfriend, don’t call him more than once a day.

    If he misses your call and doesn’t return it, or tries to text you, he doesn’t like you a bit. Most ladies fall victim to this and blame every other guy for the mistake they are making. If you don’t like me, you wouldn’t be eager to hear my voice or even see me. That’s how we ought to see it. If he’s your friend already then that is on another level but even at that, it doesn’t mean you’re going to his girl.

  4. He treats you like everyone else
    You’re only precious to the person that values your presence in their life. The same thing goes for everything else that we do. You won’t give up your brother or sister just to look pretty even if you have to look pretty.

    You won’t treat a make-up kit as important as the life of your family unless you’re not human. A guy that likes you will make you a priority in his life and you will know that. If you’re not, then you’re like everyone else.

    Just someone to say hello to that’s if he decides to, and move on with his life.Special treatments are given to people with special needs or special people. I can’t treat my girlfriend the same way I treat a cook. I have to be nice, yes, but the level of attention will not be the same.

    If you’re treated with an exception, then don’t worry you’re not the person in his heart. If you guys are friends, then you can be sure that you will get special treatment. These are the four I can mention for now about how to know if a guy has someone else or if he doesn’t like you at all.

Signs There is Someone; For Men

  1. She’s always busy
    Well, not all ladies will tell that they are busy. Some may tell that they are cooking or having a discussion with their father. Some ladies will be blunt to you that they don’t want to talk to you or they have a boyfriend while others won’t just play games with you and most probably they spend your money.signs there is someone else
    Knowing when a lady is free towards you or having a free spirit around you is key because it will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. If she doesn’t like you, then don’t push it too much man. If you want to know if she likes then know that by the way, she will always create time to talk to you.
  2. She keeps every conversation too short
    Yeah. This is one of the ways to know if she’s into you or if she has someone else. Your conversation will always be short and simple. Like how are you and then she answers, fine? Nothing like trying to make it more interesting. She won’t ask about you or even your day.

    She will prefer being the one who answers the questions to the one who asks them so she can get rid of you as fast as possible. Be a smart man! All the dots will connect and it will shock you when you find out that you were being played all along. Another thing you need to understand is that once she starts replying to your messages with short answers, let her be immediate.

    Gather the courage to let her because you will only end up frustrated and bitter. And that will cause you to harm an innocent lady and then the hurting continues from there. The best way to avoid this is to read between the lines and know where you fall.

  3. She replies late
    Another thing guys need to understand is that once a lady doesn’t like you or she has someone else, she will snub you for a good or bad reason. Take it as it comes because it will. You can send a text and get a response in the next 24 hours that’s if she’s in a good mood. You will be friend zoned and may not get out of there until the moon turns blue. The normal interval for you to wait is 24 hours before trying again.
  4. You turn off her happy mood 
    You may not notice this quickly enough but it is a fact. Ladies that like you will continue to smile or laugh whenever you come around to say hi. But if she doesn’t like you and she sees you coming, she will be like look at this guy that is always disturbing me.
    how to know if a lady likes you
    You have to know this and accept the fact that not every girl will like you no matter how well-intentioned you are. That’s how life is and we have to live with it. But in my lifetime I hope to see a community where everyone will be honest with themselves and do what is right for their mental health. Rejection is not a crime. It’s just proof that you’re only human after all. Don’t hate a lady just because she doesn’t like you or give you her attention, instead asks yourself what is it that you’re doing wrong that’s making ladies, not like you.


After everything we have talked about, some may try more and get the guy/girl while others may not. It all falls on whether they like you or not. For ladies, they can’t hide the fact that they like you and that is one amazing thing about them. If you believe with evidence that there is no one in his/her life, then find out how to make them like you by being reasonable.

All the best in finding your true love. Don’t kill yourself if you’re not the chosen one. You’re also someone else’s favorite person. Feel free to leave a contribution, comment, and share if this was helpful. We are open to questions.

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