key to a long lastong relationship

4 Key To A Long Lasting Relationship in 2023

Hey there, couples or wannabe couples. I know being in a relationship is great, especially with the person you truly love. But the question now is why do we give up along the line, and why do we feel frustrated when what we want is not forthcoming and how we wish it will never happen? Today we will talk about the key to a long lasting relationship.

First, let’s talk about relationships.

What is a Relationship?

A relationship is a connection, association, and involvement between two or more people interested in growing, adding value, happiness, and fulfillment. It can be a family, business, friendship, or romantic relationship.

So, let’s talk about the most common in society today. Friendship and love relationships are the common relationships everybody wants to get involved in, even when they don’t fully understand what it means. Everything on earth multiplies by relationship, believe it or not.

Children come from intimacy between parents, and money increases based on your relationship with knowledge, value, and understanding. Love is also increased by knowledge. Plants grow because of the relationship they have with the soil.

But society has messed things up for you and me, making us lose the true meaning of relationships, especially love relationships.

Types Of Relationship

  1. Family Relationship
    This relationship exists between members of the same bloodline. It is the foundation of love and our first relationship after birth. Family relationship plays a strong role in the world, and people no longer see the need for a family relationship.
    key to a long lasting relationship
    The population on earth today is a result of family. The corrupt leaders came from a family; the best leaders came from a family; the world’s richest man came from a family and had a family, the same thing with the poorest man. So, if you fail in this relationship, your romantic relationship will utterly fail. Your level of love for your family will determine how you will love others. Trust me; we are all victims of this. [FOUR KINDS OF LOVE]
  2. Friendship Relationship 
    This is the second stage of relationships. It happens even if it’s a romantic relationship. Friendship, in my definition, is nakedness without shame. You can only call someone a friend if the person has secrets about you.

    key to a long lastong relationship

    But today, people casually use the word friend so the person can feel better, but the truth is they are not friends.

    I believe the word to start using now should be “acquaintance.” Because it won’t hurt the person when you tell them you are not friends.

    Friendship is attained at a level of intimacy and closeness. We see this in families before we can even spread the love to others. How open you’re when you’re with your family will determine if you will have a long-lasting relationship with anyone at all.

  3. Business Relationship
    This type of relationship is largely ignored, but it can affect your life. If you don’t have or build a relationship in business, you will go broke. Many employees don’t need a relationship with their customers or bosses.

    This relationship can change your financial life. The best thing you can have in business is a strong relationship between you and your business partner. Make it a big deal not to ignore anyone that comes your way in this aspect.what is the key to lasting love

    A good business relationship can earn you a fortune, and a bad one will ruin your life. A popular phrase says, “How good your relationship is, determines how well your life is.” It works like magic, I tell you.

    If you don’t have a good relationship with your health, you will fall sick and maybe lose your life.

  4. Romantic Relationship
    A romantic relationship, better interpreted as a love relationship, is the topic everybody is engaged in, most of which are the younger generation. Everyone wants to be loved and feel in love. Most people even miss the definition of love before even getting into it.

    Love is not a feeling. It will never be a feeling. Although love has a sense of emotions in it, it can’t be defined or explained as a feeling.

    Our grandparents will tell us this without fearing being misunderstood or judged. I believe the truth about the future is hidden in the past. Love before time was not the way we see it to be right now.

    It used to be a life where the male provided for his family, and the female cared for the family. There was no intimate relationship between couples, and they were not worried about it. But as time unfolds, we begin to see the true definition of love.


    Love is a choice. You decide to accept someone without full knowledge of their flaws. Love may be a sensational feeling of emotions, but it cannot be called a feeling because feelings can change every second.

    So, if you say I’m feeling hungry, and then you eat something, you won’t feel the hunger again, right? So can you call that love? I bet you can’t call it love if the feeling you have comes and goes.

So, since we are talking about the relationship, let’s detail the key to a long-lasting relationship. A few keys make a relationship last long, but the question is, can you give yourself wholly to them and make them work for you? If YES, then you are ready to have a long-lasting relationship. You can read this article on how to be happy in a relationship. 

Key to a Long-Lasting Relationship

Keys open the door to a location and can also shut the door to a location. If you have the keys to a house, it doesn’t matter your age or race; you can let anyone in the house.

The keys to a big mansion or expensive car are not as big as a car or house, but you can do nothing without it. So also is the key to a long-lasting relationship. It won’t necessarily be a love relationship, but this key works wonders. So here are the keys to a long lasting relationship

  1. Decision.
    Decide what you want and expect from your relationship before going all out. If you want a short-term relationship, then decide and stand on your decision that you don’t want anything more than a short-term relationship with your business partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, and friends.
    You need to understand that the more mature you get in decision-making, the better you become at making your relationship work out. You can’t guess your way to a long relationship until you decide that you want one and do everything you ought to do to make it work. But remember that if the other person says no, you can’t have a long relationship because both of you must agree to have a long-term relationship.
  2. Agreement
    If you have decided to have a long-term relationship and the person with whom you want to have this relationship with has also decided to, then you both need to agree. The agreement here is not the business language but a verbal and conscious awareness that both of you have been in this for a long time and will do everything possible to make it work.

    If you agree but are still back to some of your old behaviors, you’re breaking the trust. Agree on values, morals, finance, religion, philosophy, and attitude.

    If both of you have different mindsets, then I don’t think you can have a long-term relationship because two cannot work together unless they agree. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but let it be on the same path to success in your relationship.

  3. Work
    Since you’ve made your decision and have agreed to what your choices are, then you need to work out your relationship with all diligence and truth. Remember, it is not only a love relationship we are discussing here. Every relationship you have and want to keep will go through this process to last long. Work on yourself, find areas where you need more knowledge, and fully understand it. If you need help, you can ask for help from your partner. Don’t fold your hands and allow only the other party to do the work, and expect everything to work out just as you have planned. Every good thing doesn’t come easy. If you want your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife, or husband to stay committed and have a long lasting relationship, then you must WORK. Don’t wish it alone; work it. If your mind can picture a very good relationship, then why can’t you make it a reality? It all starts with a simple step and which is your decision.
  4. Communicate
    If you want a sweet relationship with anyone, be ready to communicate. Communication does a lot, and it’s the fuel to a long lasting relationship.
    You may lose destiny relationships if you don’t communicate honor, values, respect, and good character.

    It doesn’t matter if the person is a business partner, family member, friend, or lover; if you communicate genuine love and respect, you will lose them, and for family, you may lose your value in their lives.

    They will only love you because you’re one of them, but they won’t give in to the many advantages of having a family. Communicate in every little way you can, and don’t think anything is too small or big to give in your relationship.

    Have a clear conscience towards people and see how good they can be. Don’t say you love or appreciate anyone or thing if you can’t communicate what you feel or think about the person.

So we have come to the last key that can make your relationship last long. It may not be the perfect rule for you but trust me, if you follow these four simple but powerful keys to a long lasting relationship, you are on your way to happiness and fulfillment in any relationship you are in.
I hope this article helps make your relationship better and more beautiful. Leave a comment on what you think and what topic you would like me to discuss.