how to tell if your crush likes you

How to Tell If Your Crush Likes You: 10 Signs That Reveals It

When you’re interested in someone, it can be hard to tell if your crush is into you as well—or if he or she even knows you exist. Figuring out how to tell if your crush likes you takes a little bit of finesse.

So Here Are 10 Signs On How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You.

  1. They Look at You
    People are naturally drawn to those who are like them, so when you catch someone looking at you several times without acknowledging anyone else, and especially if they smile at you, there’s a good chance they’re interested in you. They may not be interested in you, especially if they’re gazing in the direction of another person, who’s already a part of a couple. The best idea is to carefully observe before you invest any of your hopes. I suppose it’s possible that he was misidentified. It’s not unheard of for two people to be incorrectly identified because they have similar facial features. To handle this, the best option is to communicate with them and try to get to the bottom of the situation.
  2. They’re Interested in Your Day
    So you’ve been chatting back and forth on Instagram for a week or so, and it seems like things are going well. But do they really? If your crush is asking how your day is, or how school was that day, that’s a good sign that he or she may like you, says Alex Luciano, Ph.D., relationship expert, and psychologist at Dr. Alex Luciano Psych & Life Coaching.

    It doesn’t have to be anything super intense; it could just be a casual question here and there. It shows they actually care about what you have to say beyond just wanting to know where your relationship stands. They’re interested in How You Feel: When someone likes you, they want to know how you feel, Dr. Luciano says.This can come up in conversation if something big happens in your life—like a breakup or an exciting new job opportunity—and when people ask about it, it’s because they want to get inside of your head and see things from your perspective.

    They Bring Up Specific Details About Your Profile: This can happen early on in talking with someone new, especially if you’ve both recently added each other as friends on social media (read: when first meeting).

  3. They Text back fast
    I strongly prefer text messages to phone calls, as I think text messages are faster than phone calls. When is it appropriate to text someone back? After waiting for 30 minutes and not receiving a reply to your message, send a second text with a different message. Then, after waiting for an additional 30 minutes, if there’s still no response, send a third text to tell if your crush likes you
    In addition to waiting for 15-30 minutes, if you’ve contacted them on multiple occasions and gotten no response, then either wait a few more days and reach out to them or leave them be and stop bothering them. If you don’t have their number yet, try to talk to someone close to them. Because of Facebook, it’s highly likely that the loved one’s friend knows how to get in touch with them, and he or she will probably be glad to help.

    Facebook really does the trick like mom always said! I bet if at first, you don’t succeed, try again! Keep trying to engage them until they start paying attention, or else they’ll break up with you. With the exception of when they need to take a break or attend to an emergency, you should send them a message every hour.

  4. They Ask About Your Plans
    Think about it. If you’re having a good time with someone, and they like you, chances are they’ll ask about your plans for later in order to see if you have time to hang out. If not? It may be that they don’t really like you. A quick follow-up question what are your plans? is a simple way to find out what they think of you. If they want to spend more time with you, they’ll make room in their schedule. If not? Then it might be best to move on.
  5. They Give Compliments
    Do they complement your outfit, your hair, or something else? People are attracted to confidence and they like to be around people who like themselves. If they’re giving you compliments in hopes of getting something back it’s not a good sign. However, if they’re just genuinely nice people chances are good that there is some attraction there. Start with some friendly conversation and see how things go from there. It’s a great way to break through any shyness or awkwardness.
    And don’t be afraid to give some compliments back! We all want to feel attractive! It’s a great way to show someone you care about them and get them thinking about you romantically. The best part is that flirting can happen over text, online chat, or even on social media (if you know their username).how to make a girl like youThere are no limits here! Just make sure to keep it lighthearted and fun so as not to come off as creepy. Also, be careful what you say. If they haven’t made it clear that they like you back then keep those jokes to yourself! Keep these flirtatious comments short and sweet: I’m going out tonight! Followed by a winky face emoji.

    Try not to seem too eager though because we’ve all had crushes turn into stalkers before (we’ll leave that one alone). Play it cool but let them know you’re interested and have fun with it! Most importantly, always remembers what advice queen Taylor Swift has given us: Haters gonna hate hate hate hate…and my girlfriends gonna love love love love. <3 xoxo

  6. They Text Randomly
    If you’re always exchanging playful texts with your crush and they send you a cute one every now and then, there’s a high chance that they like you. If it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to their texts, however, don’t hold your breath. Random text messages are usually sent by people who find it difficult to express themselves through words on social media or in person. The occasional witty reply is nice but that doesn’t mean much if they never ask how your day was or tell you what they did over their lunch break. If someone’s showing interest but not making an effort, back off—you can do better!
  7. Their Friends Comment on How Great You Look Together.
    If your crush’s friends are telling you that they’ve noticed a positive change in their behavior, especially around you, then there’s a strong chance your crush likes you. If they’re not acting as aggressively around you as they used to be and seem more open to hanging out with you, then there’s a good chance that your crush is beginning to reciprocate your feelings.


    To top it off, they’ll probably avoid making eye contact with you or try to distract you from that elephant in the room. So be on high alert for little things like that if you want to know whether or not your crush likes what he sees when he looks at you. They don’t even have to say anything – all you need is a keen sense of observation. (The New York Times)# Sign: Change in Behavior: How can you tell if someone likes you? The best way is to look for changes in his/her behavior.

    Does she act differently toward others than she does toward you? This could mean that s/he has started liking someone else, but doesn’t want others to notice! Try talking to him/her about something random while other people are around. Does s/he blush while talking? If so, then it means s/he really loves being with you! But if he avoids eye contact and starts blushing, it could mean just one thing – HE LIKES YOU!

  8. They Show a Lot of Physical Touches
    As an experiment, observe your crush. When you’re around him or her, does he/she touch you frequently? Did he/she hold your hand while talking to you, wrap his arm around your shoulders during a hug, put a hand on your knee, or touch your hair? If so…that’s a good sign! This is a person who likes to be physically close to people they care about. Even if they aren’t showing it right now, there’s a high chance that they like you as more than just to tell if your crush likes you
    If your crush doesn’t show much physical contact with others, then their behavior towards you might give them away. The key here is to pay attention and look for patterns in their behavior. Are they constantly trying to find excuses to touch you? Do they seem nervous when they do (like maybe they don’t want anyone else to notice)? Or are they being especially affectionate with you because of something specific (maybe a big project at work, or some personal news)? Once again, pay attention and try not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Observe and reflect on what’s happening before making any assumptions! You’ll likely learn something valuable by doing so 🙂
  9. They Want to Spend Time with Just You
    When you ask your crush to hang out with a group of friends, do they make an excuse and try to get out of it? Do they only call you when they are free and have nothing going on that night? Are they frequently late to meet up with you or leave right after hanging out with everyone else? They might just be a flake, but it could also mean that something more is going to make your crush like you
    Unless your crush makes excuses all the time for why he or she can’t hang out with everyone, then there’s a good chance your date is interested in more than just friendship. I know what you’re thinking: This sounds like something straight out of a high school movie! But trust me, if someone likes you back, they’ll want to spend as much time as possible with you. Even if it’s not romantic yet (or ever), spending quality time together will help build a stronger bond between two people.It will help them learn more about who you are and give them opportunities to see how awesome you really are—which may lead them to develop deeper feelings for you down the road. In other words, don’t give up hope! If your crush doesn’t want to spend as much time with everyone else as possible…it could be because he or she wants some one-on-one time with YOU! So go ahead and ask him or her out already…you never know what could happen!
  10. Their Actions Match Their Words
    Subtle body language can sometimes be more revealing than what someone says. If they’re acting in ways that are consistent with how they speak to you, then it could be a good sign that your crush likes you. For example, if they’re generally attentive and try to spend time with you, then chances are good they like you back.

    However, if they act completely differently when spending time with you compared to other people, it might be a sign that there’s no romantic connection between you and them. The key is paying attention to their actions as well as their words. Both should be considered before making any conclusions about whether or not your crush likes you.

    Actions Don’t Match Words: As mentioned above, some people may say one thing but do another. In these cases, it’s important to consider why someone would act inconsistently—and whether or not their inconsistent behavior is sincere or insincere. If a person acts friendly toward you but doesn’t take action steps to pursue something deeper (like asking for your number), then they may just enjoy being around you but have no real interest in taking things further.

    However, if they are acting distant and cold even though they claim to like you, then it could be a sign that there are other reasons for their actions that don’t include liking you. For example, maybe they feel intimidated by your personality and need time to warm up to you before pursuing anything more serious. Or maybe there are other issues going on in their life that make them hesitant about starting something new with anyone right now. It’s always good to pay attention to how someone behaves when interacting with others so that you can better understand what motivates them.

Bonus: How to tell if your crush likes you


They Talk About You every time
When they chat with their friends, they talk about you and they include you in the conversation by using things like, Did you see that on Facebook? or a heated discussion of your latest work project, or a really engrossing discussion of one of your hobbies. They are so happy that you get along with them and are looking forward to introducing you to their friends and seeing you for yourself.

Nine times out of ten, if they talk about you all the time, they like you. Even if you feel it’s never true–it is. Remind yourself: you are wonderful! Instead of waiting for people to read something you post on social media or in a text message, go out and talk to them directly. They can share your good news in person and make it so much more personal. 12. They plan hang-outs with you directly: If they do not seem eager to make plans with you, then it is probably safe to assume that they really do not want to hang out. if they agree to hang out with you—they want to hang out.

While a lot of people might say that sounds reasonable, I think we often forget about our own plans when we set updates for other people because we assume that everyone is as busy as we are and wants nothing more than to stay home and watch Netflix all night. But planning things outside of Netflix bingeing communicates intention—and if someone says yes, there’s a good chance he or she actually wants to go out with you too.

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