How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You: 15+ no bullsh*t tips

With breakups happening more than the way people fall in love these days, you will want to look the other way but I believe if you will read this article to the end, you will know how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you with 15+ tips. Don’t forget to spread the love and let people get it.

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you.

1. Be obsessed with yourself

This has to be the first thing you should do if you want your boyfriend to be obsessed with you. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. As simple as this is, it is one of the most ignored attributes that makes a relationship work. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word obsession means unable to stop thinking about something. You can be obsessed with yourself before thinking about someone that should be obsessed with you.

You have to be your best friend and know what you need to make yourself better and save yourself from the hopes that will never happen. What makes some ladies look too desperate and easily fooled is that they don’t think about themselves and what they need and don’t need from a guy.

Love yourself first before looking for someone to love you. You can’t expect someone to love when you don’t love yourself.

2. Let him be your hero

We all know that every guy wants to be the hero of his girl and will do anything to make sure that they protect and provide for their girlfriend. You have to let him come through for you even if it is the most minor thing. Like when you are trying to get something that seems difficult to reach and you call him to help you out, it makes him feel like you can’t do without him and that will make him want to do more and be more to you.

It doesn’t have to be in a gun situation before he can be your hero. Don’t think that what you see in the movies will happen. Even if it has to do with writing or getting you a late-hour ticket can make him feel like a hero to you. But the only way he can feel that way is if you make him see that what he is doing for you is not in vain. Be a grateful lady.

3. Take things slowly

Most guys don’t like to rush into anything especially when it involves commitments. You also have to slow down and allow the water and butterflies to flow together at the same pace. Don’t just move into his house you started dating last week. Act as if you don’t want things to move and allow him to be the ship’s captain and you will unlock a secret in him you never thought was there before.

If the relationship is older, you should not ask him when is he going to marry you or give you an engagement ring. You may just end up as a side chick without you knowing it. Don’t be under pressure to prove a point to your friends and end up becoming the point of reference for foolishness because people who push you to do nonsense will learn from your mistake.

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, be more patient and allow him to make his decisions and see if you can go with it or not. They say, he that trend softly with go far.

4. Say thank you…and often

You will be surprised how far a 5 letter word can take you. Some ladies feel they are entitled to anything their boyfriend gives them which is foolish. Saying thank you will not take anything from you but will add to you and your relationship. [HOW TO HAVE A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP]

When your boyfriend does something good for you, say thank you and mean it from your heart because you can’t hide gratitude for long. Tell him, thank you anytime he takes you out for dinner or shopping, and show him you truly appreciate what he is doing for you. If he is not your dad, don’t make him assume that position because it will only be a matter of time before he will explode.

Saying thank you to your boyfriend makes him feel more like a man and there’s is no man on earth who doesn’t want to see his efforts appreciated. Be wise and say thank you every time someone does something for you.

5. Make him feel special

You should know how to make your boyfriend feel special in every little way possible because it will make him obsessed with you. Guys want to be pampered by their girlfriends also but they may never show it or tell you they want to be pampered. Getting him stuff and giving him that he likes will make him feel to make him obessed with you

You can read about how to make your boyfriend happy over text and know what kind of messages to send to him that will make him feel special.

When you make it to every game he plays, even when you’re busy will melt his heart because he understands that you would leave anything you’re doing to be with him. Defending him in front of your friends and family is also another way to let him know that he’s special to you.

Sex doesn’t make a guy feel special because you’re just meeting a natural need in him that any girl on earth can do. And neither does it keep a man from cheating on you.

6. Have fun

You should not be a boring girlfriend and expect your boyfriend to be obsessed with you. You need to be a fun person you know get out there and have fun with your boyfriend. Go out to the beach and live in the moment each time you have the opportunity to.

If you like skydiving then do it with your boyfriend and take pictures because it savors the moments and keeps them fresh in his head. It doesn’t have to be skydiving though. You just need to find what both of you like doing and do it with all your to make your boyfriend obsessed with you in a long distance relationship

Do what makes you happy and don’t let anybody put you down because they failed at something or they don’t like it(don’t go wild though). Your relationship will work and you’re the one that will make it work if you want it to. It takes decisions and works to make a relationship beautiful but wishes will never come to pass girl.

7. Dress to Impress

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, you must learn how to dress perfectly as a lady. Your dress says and does it all for most men. You don’t expect me to be obsessed with someone that’s dressing like a thug. You have to have a very good sense of dressing to make your boyfriend obsessed with you. what makes a man obsessed with a woman

You can go on Pinterest and find how ladies dress and copy from them. You don’t have to be rich to be able to dress well, all you need is the right combination and a good touch and you will be good to go. Your dressing shows that you’re mentally okay and your mind is in it right position. I believe that one of the things that make me attracted to a lady is her dress sense.

I know most men will also enjoy seeing their girlfriends well dressed and sexy not looking like a girl from the cavemen age.

8. Take care of yourself

You have to be clean and tidy in everything you do as a lady who wants to attract good and responsible men. You have to do your routine and take good care of yourself if you want your boyfriend to be obsessed with you.

Make your skin glow and always have neat fingers. You see, all these little things will make him melt before you but you won’t know because you’re stubborn(LOL). I’m just kidding by the way. But you should be a neat babe and a good dresser if you want to get him to be obsessed with you.
how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you
Many will say that the guy that loves me for who I am will accept me the I am. Don’t say that because it is not completely true, he will love and accept you, yes, but you will have to change a lot of things if you want him to stay with you and that is how you look and dress.

9. Give Balance to the Relationship

You need to balance your love life and work or career because for a relationship to be healthy, you need time together. You shouldn’t give your 24 hours to someone or something and let the other stave off your time and attention. You should know when to withdraw and when to come all out. Balancing your relationship with your boyfriend will help straighten your perplex. [SIGNS THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE]

Don’t miss your study time for love because you will fail your exams and don’t try to say it is because you loved him that’s why you failed. Nobody wants to hear your cry when it comes to excuses. So, you should know when it is time to play and when not to. Doing this will not make your boyfriend leave but it will make him understand that you’re a serious person and you want something better in life.

If you have a tight schedule, take the weekends and go out with your boyfriend since you never had the time for yourself. If it gets tough for you guys to meet, then make plans to go on a date once or twice a month. Remember, it is the little things that accumulate into something big.

10. Set healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries in a relationship is not a bad thing because it will create room for respect and value. You have to set boundaries for yourself and don’t break them either because if you do, he won’t consider you to be serious. Know what you want and how you want it not wishing and biting your fingers each time your boyfriend asks you what you want.

I believe that one of the causes of breakups is indecision. Don’t get me wrong but it can cause a breakup. The world today doesn’t have the patience anymore to chill and get to understand how you function and think, they will just leave you and do what they want with their lives. Setting boundaries is making decisions and standing firm with that decisions.

11. Be vulnerable

Being vulnerable in this context doesn’t mean you should be weak, but you should have the mentality and the posture of vulnerability. You have to be in that state where you look like someone who can’t herself and you need his help to make this trick work for you.

Be weak when you’re with him but don’t use that on everybody because you will get hurt as the world is a wicked place. People are willing to harm for no reason at all. You’re only allowed to use this weakness against your boyfriend and family members.

Being vulnerable will make him want to protect you all the time and that will make him your hero. You can add this and what we talked about above and see the results. Vulnerability is a strength and weakness in ladies only if you know how to use em.

12. In men’s psychology being authoritative is hot!

There’s something you need to add if you want him to be obsessed with you. You need to be a woman of your word and be authoritative to some extent. There’s a famous saying that the man is the head of the house but the woman is the neck and she can turn it anywhere she wants it.

You should have authority but it must be tamed and kept under control before it will lead to hurts and breakups. You don’t have to be muscular to be authoritative, you just need to understand your position in your relationship and use that to your advantage.

Tell your boyfriend what you want and don’t make it seem as if you’re the controller of his because he won’t do it. Be wise in your approach when demanding something from your boyfriend.

13. Can a relationship coach help you too?

The best thing any relationship coach can do for you is to make you know more about the secrets that unlock his heart and make you win him over. You can get a coach on conversation HERE, and you can get a coach on how to make him obsessed with you HERE. Both of the recommended coaches are good but you have to check and see where you’re lacking behind.

If you feel you can talk to guys well and make them keep coming back to look for you then go to this COACH.

14. Be a team

In making your boyfriend obsessed with you, you have to be on his side in whatever you’re doing. Be on the same team when difficulties come and when pleasures come. If you only stand with him when he has to give and leave him when he doesn’t have, you will be a gold digger and a terrible person.

Every guy wants a girlfriend that can stay when trouble comes and when things seem to be going fine. You don’t expect to know how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you when you can’t be the shoulder he can rest on when life hits him down. Once he has things to do and he needs your help, please help him because it won’t kill you but make your relationship stronger and better. [HOW TO MAKE A RELATIONSHIP BETTER WHEN IT IS BAD]

15. Keep it real

With all these things set in place, you have to make sure you’re not faking anything because once he finds out, you will be gone from his life.

The characters are for your own good because they will become a part of you that you can give to the next generation and you can be sure that it won’t make any lady fail. I know fake life is rampant and you can’t really tell who is real and who isn’t. You have to be the best and most real person your boyfriend knows.

The same strength it takes to live a fake life is the same it takes to make your life real and sweet because you won’t be looking over your shoulders every time you’re alone.

16. Be unavailable sometimes

You have to make him miss you sometimes by going away. You have to be unavailable sometimes to really make him miss you. This is not playing games but it is a love me more strategy. The more he misses you, the more he wants you to be by his side and this will make him obsessed with you.

Go someplace to make sure he doesn’t see you for some time and see his reaction after that.

17. Be passionate about what you love

Another thing that makes your boyfriend obsessed with you is when you’re into what you love and you really mean it. You have to be passionate about what you love and make him see it.

Some ladies will change what they love because they met a guy but the question is that when you guys break up, what will you be doing after you left what you loved and followed what he loved? You see, it doesn’t make any sense because he will see you as a desperate lady who just wants a boyfriend by any means.

When you stick to what you love and do it no matter what happens in your life, you will make your boyfriend love you more because you don’t a guy to do what you love in life.

18. Let him be his own man

You also need to let your boyfriend decide what he wants to be in life even if he is already working. You have to let him be his own man and support him in everything he does. You have to be wise in making this decision because not all decisions are good for you and him.

When you let him be the man he wants to be, you’re breaking his defense and making him vulnerable around you.

19. Have a strong affirmation of your standards and beliefs

When you have a weak belief system around your boyfriend, you will make him think of you as a foolish person. You have to be positive about what you believe and stand by it. When you have strong affirmations and beliefs, you will not only be classic and intelligent as a lady, you will be the girl every guy wants. When you have values and you’re sure about them, you will be outstanding and make your boyfriend obsessed with you.

20. Be a Kind Woman

You also need to add the final touch that makes everything go smoothly. Kindness is not only needed in a relationship but in everything, you do with people and life in it. You have to be welcoming and kind towards your boyfriend even if you have all the mentioned attributes above you will need to add kindness to it and make sure it is not one-sided.

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