how to make a relationship better when it is bad

How to Make a Relationship Better When it is Bad

Are you struggling with your relationship? Is it too bad for you to continue? Do you still want to be in that relationship because you have hope that it will turn out fine? Then worry no more because in this article you will learn how to make a relationship better when it is bad.

The solution to a bad relationship is not to leave at once but to find the problem first and then try to solve it.

If the problem is from you then just know you need to pay attention here to solve your relationship problem. But before you go straight to business, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

How to Save a Relationship on the Verge of Breaking up

Before we talk about the solution, let’s talk about the problem first. If you want to know how to save your relationship from a breakup then you need to follow these principles mentioned below.


The first problem relationships face these days is trust issues. Partners can’t trust themselves anymore. They just do things that come to their heads and forget that to build trust you actually need to trust yourself first.
If you have trust issues in your relationship then you ought to check yourself because if you don’t trust yourself, you can’t trust to be a good husband

These are the insecurities we face in relationships every day. Partners don’t want to commit to their relationship because they believe they are not with the right person. Let me tell you something, so long as you’re in this world you will keep on seeing ladies and guys that match your specifications no matter where you go in life. The question all falls back on your ability to trust yourself that you won’t cheat and that you will remain loyal no matter what happens.

The reason why some people cheat is not that they want to but because they see the feature in the guy or lady which is also the same as the features they see in their present spouse or partner. And of cause what pushes them is because the present partner isn’t doing what he/she ought to do again.
Don’t be mature to change the basic things of your relationship. You may advance it and make it more beautiful but don’t try to be what you’re not.
You can learn how to build trust in your relationship by reading this article HERE by


Yeah, greed makes people cheat. They are not satisfied with what they have and they want more even when their partner is doing everything to make things work.
If you’re not satisfied, it’s better you leave the relationship and go after what you want than try to make the person happy by staying just to kill the person again.

I know you love luxury and expensive things, but what if your partner can’t afford them? Will you stick with them to make things work and then you can get what you want?
Or you’re just going to make foolish decisions and chase after those who have what you want but they don’t care about you.

You have the power to choose what you want. Don’t make a foolish decision all in the name of a Gucci or Fendi designer these things only last for a minute until they become outdated. Don’t leave a relationship you’re not having sex or you can’t get Nike or Jordan shoes, it only makes you more stupid than you already are.

Partners today are not sincere and the painful part of it is that they don’t care at all. Everybody just tells lies to get what they want and how they get it doesn’t matter anymore. If you lie to get something, you will have to keep lying to keep it.

How long do you think you can hide the truth? The interesting thing about this is that you can’t lie if you don’t know the truth. So, how long do you think you can hold the lie up and make it believable?

You will keep on hurting yourself if you think you’re doing the right thing. You can’t stay for more than 3 months in a relationship with this trust me when I say so. It doesn’t kill, to tell the truth. To correct an old cliche, truth is not bitter. Don’t ever think that the truth is bitter.

If it is bitter then why didn’t you ever taste something bad on your tongue each time you tell the truth? It’s just a cliche to make people heavy each time they want to speak the truth. Don’t fall for that, especially in your relationship. Truth makes your work. It doesn’t matter how sincere you’re, if you are not true to yourself or your partner, you will definitely leave that relationship.

This is the truth that people don’t want to but these days. They want fantasies and unrealistic promises. You’re only hurting yourself and the innocent people around you. It’s good to have expectations from your relationship but don’t lie to get it. You can read more on dishonesty from this article by

Well, in life everybody wants to be respected and this is a need in man, not a want actually. If you don’t have respect for your partner again, then be rest assured that you’re going to have a sour and bitter relationship especially when it’s the guy you’re disrespecting.

I’m sure you also want people to respect you even if you’re not where you want to be in life. Keep in mind that if you don’t respect your partner, you won’t get respect back. It is a sign of your appreciation of what this person has accomplished in life and the most common of all is how long they have been on earth.signs of a toxic relationship

The secret to a man’s heart is not food or sex. It is respect. Try it and see if you won’t enjoy the next phase of your relationship. The only problem we have now is that each time you give a guy respect, he tends to misuse it and that’s why ladies don’t bother doing it again because of what they have experienced. [READ: HOW TO HAVE A LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIP]

It is not their fault anyways but the uneducated men we have in the society who don’t understand who they are and what they are born to do. So, they abuse the respect they get because they don’t know what to do with it.

I believe these four things cause a relationship to go bad and bitter. If all the things mentioned above are part of your relationship, and you don’t want to change there are clear signs your relationship is beyond repair. If you want to know how to save your relationship from falling apart then you have to make sure that greed, dishonesty, disrespect, and distrust are not part of your makeup.

How to Make a Relationship Better When it is Bad

Talk Talk Talk

The only way you can make your relationship better is if you don’t have a closed mouth. Talk about what’s wrong and what you’re not doing that you ought to be doing to keep the relationship working alright. If you don’t talk, you can’t change your relationship when it is already bad.relationship tips

If you notice you’re getting quiet about certain behaviors in your relationship, you’re already looking outside. Don’t allow silence to kill your marriage or relationship. Talk about every problem and every success you have no matter how small it may be. If you ignore this and fold your hands so that it will work out fine because you love each other, then you’re in for a rude shock.

For men, you need to learn how to talk to your wife/girlfriend no matter what the topic maybe talk about it. It may not make any sense to you to talk about the salon or the grocery store but if she wants to talk about her experience there then listen and talk.

The most amazing thing about this is that sometimes they just want you to listen and not say anything at all. You have to develop that ability even if it’s not in you man. Do it to make your relationship better.

For the ladies, you can do the same also because if your husband/boyfriend comes back from work and try to explain what has happened at work, listen to him and try not to judge him because he’s just trying to let out everything that’s on his chest.

Ladies have the ability to use their emotions and logic at the same time to analyze situations. While the men can only use one at a time.

Men don’t try to be strong all the time. Just learn to talk about what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong at work. Don’t be a big baby who needs help but is pretending so he won’t look weak to his lady. That’s nonsense. If you can’t discuss matters with your wife/partner who should you talk to?

A guy in the bar who doesn’t even understand how to manage a home? Or someone who has been in 12 relationships in 3 months? That’s not wisdom.

If you have problems you don’t want to talk about with your wife/partner, why not take them to your parents or a successful marriage counselor? Don’t make foolish decisions because you’re trying to believe that you wear the pants in the house.

You will end up like the guy at the bar with nothing but beer as your companion.

If you think that the way you talk in your relationship isn’t effective, then you can read more about how to talk effectively in a relationship HERE.

Be Who you Use to Be


Don’t change to another version of yourself if you’re not changing to the better version of yourself. A lot of ladies would like to get b**t increment just to please their boyfriends but the truth is the guy is still going to dump you for someone else.

He may tell oh I like it but in his mind you’re fake and when he sees someone that’s real, he will go after her.

Don’t be a bad girl and lose your sanity it doesn’t how you look, you were born that way and there’s nothing anyone should do that will make you change who you truly are.

You were born without fats fine, that’s how your parent’s gene is, you were born fat fine you didn’t genetically program yourself in the womb, my dear.

I’m a slim person no matter how well I eat I still wouldn’t change and I love my body the way it is. I believe one of the ways that body-shaming gets to us is that we lose the sense of who we are each time someone tells us we’re too thin or too fat.

In a relationship that is going bad, someone is losing sight of who they are and it will make the relationship worse than bad. Because humans don’t like to fall alone they will bring everyone and everything with them.

Know who you are and be happy because from the 7+ billion people on earth you’re uniquely created with no flaw. If you’re failing in your relationship then change the environment that makes you feel bad about yourself. Don’t say your environment doesn’t have an influence on you because you will be surprised.

Be Kids Again


Being kids again doesn’t mean you should go back to being a baby. It means you should have the mind of a child. How can you do this? By forgiving your partner or spouse each time they offend you. The offense is one of the silent killers of relationships today.

Learn to let go of the pain very fast because you’re only hurting yourself and not your partner because you’re the one having the imbalance of emotions. Learn to say I forgive you for making me angry. It doesn’t kill but makes you healthy.

Surprised right? Having a clear conscience towards people gives you room to think clearly and for your body to digest the food you eat to make a relationship better when it is bad

If you hold a grudge, it’s like holding coal of fire and asking it not to burn you. You made the choice to hold it so you can’t ask it not to burn your hands.

One of the ways to learn to forgive is by having patience. Patience is a virtue. If you don’t have patience, you can’t last in any relationship. You have to train yourself to be patient with people not just your spouse or partner, but everyone around.

Have the heart of a child each time someone offends you and know that it is because they don’t have sufficient knowledge that’s why they offend you without apologizing. But nonetheless, you’re better and higher in knowledge so you know how to behave when someone offends you.

If your spouse or partner offends you be the first to talk about the offense and move on quickly so you won’t dwell in the past.



Bring Back the Spark of Love


Don’t deny your spouse or partner love and attention. This is part of the cause of a bad relationship. Some guys only woo a woman when they want to get her at first and after that, they stop giving attention and love to the same woman they promised the world full of their love.

It is wrong and terrible to do this to your wife or girlfriend. I know society told you to not show weakness by loving your wife/girlfriend and you choose to obey them as a fool right?

Whoever told you that love is a weakness or expressing it is a weakness then ask the person how does that change the person you’re? Let me ask you a question if you love your wife/girlfriend does that make them stronger than you in terms of combat?

So, what weakness are you talking about here? Is it in decision-making? For crying out loud you’re the leader of your home and she knows that.

What a woman need is security and if you trying to be strong and can’t do that what are you then? Since you believe that showing love and attention is a weakness.

It makes no sense to me to see guys say they can’t show love to their girlfriends it will only make them look weak and it will rape them of their masculinity.

Arrant NONSENSE. Who sold this idea to you? And why did you buy it? Don’t you know that no matter how tough a lady is she will always seek security from the man in her life?

Emotional, mental, psychological, and social security will she demand from you not you beating her up to show that you’re a strong man. What a fool.

You don’t like what you’re reading right? I will always tell you the truth even if I am a guy. Couples if your partner is not ready to invest in your relationship then my advice to you is to leave. If you can’t make your love as beautiful as it was then go and look for someone else.

For the ladies, don’t be too hard on your partners. Make it a duty to love them back in return you’re not the only one who needs it. And please don’t demand to be loved as your friend is being loved. Tell him to love you differently. Copy cats don’t last I hope you know that. Be unique and different even as your faces are different.

Ask Questions

Don’t assume that everything is fine with your spouse/partner. Ask them if they are okay with anything you’re doing or about to do. Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge and you shouldn’t be caught in that trap.

The key to an answer is a question. If you don’t know more about your spouse/partner, ask them to tell you. It will strengthen your relationship when you know more about your spouse/partner. Ask them how they want to be treated and how they want to be loved.

These simple questions will work wonders for you if you’re open to asking them. You may even find out that the smallest things you do actually make them very happy. Ask about their colors and favorite restaurant or mall. Ask them what are their dislikes.

Take out time to just talk about yourselves and see if you’re really compatible as you say. Some couples may say my partner doesn’t do this or that for me. Let’s be honest they only do what you have told them about yourself. You can only act on the information that you have.

Don’t feel bad if your partner doesn’t know what color of shirt or shoes to buy for you it may be that he/she doesn’t know about your favorite colors. It is the responsibility of everyone in a relationship to ask about details from your partner.

If you follow these five-step then I assure you that your relationship will be better even if it’s already in a bad state. I hope you have learned about how to make a relationship better when it is bad. Don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

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