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How To Keep A Relationship Strong And Happy In 7 Ways

Keeping a relationship is very different from having a relationship. People confuse the two to be the same whereas they aren’t.  So read this article to the end to find out how to keep a relationship strong and happy. There are a lot of ways you can keep your relationship strong and happy all you have to do is be willing to adhere to everything you are about to learn today.

  1. You Must Have a Compatible Partner
    a lot of young people today just jump into a relationship because the lady/guy is good-looking and has money. Well, that’s a big mistake they all end up regretting in the middle of the road of their relationship journey. The thing is very simple and yet we keep failing at it and don’t even want to have it done the right way. Know, that before you venture into any relationship again you need to know 100% if the person is compatible with you.

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    This golden rule will save you a lot of tears and heartbreaks and even worst suicide. You have to be compatible before you start any relationship, be it a business relationship, emotional relationship (romantic), or passion. If you’re not in any way compatible with any of the above-mentioned relationships then you have to exit that relationship right now before it is too late. And I know that most times it is difficult to go because you have already become so attached to the person, but you will be doing yourself a big favor if you let go of that relationship right now.

    There are ways you can get over your ex I trust that after watching the video you will get value from it.

  1. Both of you must agree.
    In the good book (bible) it says can two work together except they agree? The answer is no because two bodies cannot become one if they don’t agree to be one. So take a book and a pen and ask your partner or your soon-to-be spouse what are their ideas about life, raising children, what is their purpose in life, and how they tackle problems.

    The reason you have to know this is to see if your idea and theirs may be close or even the same. You can’t be going to the north whereas your partner is heading south. It won’t work that way. Make sure you agree on what you like and don’t like in your relationship. Be clear with your motives and don’t try to force them to bend theirs to what you want.

    The famous quote that says there is only one person in the world that is meant for you is a lie. Why do men cheat if that’s really true? So to save yourself tears, blood and water today know if you can agree with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. This will help you to make your bond strong and happy because you share the same goals, vision, and ideas.
  2. Don’t try to do what you are not supposed to do.
    A lot of people would want to disagree with this but trust me you don’t have to do such. With this I mean you don’t have to make them change or try to usurp their will because you have a desire of your own, you will only push them away. The right thing to do is to be the change you want to see in your partner.

    Do you know the saying that changes begin with the one who wants to see a change? If you don’t like how they talk, just do a quick scan of how you also talk and see if they won’t change if you do. And to the men you’re a cultivator, so you’re to bring the best out of your spouse or partner.

    And for the women know what you allow into your mind and space. So if you want to understand who you are as a man then you have to read about whom a real man is and what is your purpose. Recommended book is: understanding the power and purpose of man, for the ladies read understanding the power and purpose of a woman.

    1. Be submissive as a lady

      submission does not make you a weak lady, it only makes you stronger than you know it. The thing is ladies think if they submit themselves to their husband, fiancée, or boyfriend; they are being weak and stupid. But the real truth is that your strength in your relationship is determined by how submissive you are to your partner. You’re stronger and have the power to make your partner do anything you want him to do as long as you’re to keep a relationship strong and happy
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      Ladies have the ability to think with their emotions and logic at the same time, this is your superpower. The good book says wives submit to their partner because he is the head (responsible for your protection, provision, and shelter), but for the man, love your wives as Jesus loves you. So it is your duty to submit and not try to be the head as he is. If you are submissive I tell you, you can’t be unhappy in your relationship.
    2. Love your partner/wife (men)

      In the good book (bible), the men were always commanded to love their wives as the Lord loved the church. Women are emotional beings they need the assurance that they are loved and they want to feel and know that through your actions and words. Love her as you love yourself because you can’t love anyone if you don’t love to make relationship strong with boyfriend
      You take care of your body because you love yourself. So love her the way you love yourself. Don’t hurt their feelings because they reason with their emotions and logic at the same time, so that makes them more vulnerable before insecurities.


      Be a real man and don’t hurt your wife/partner. You are a real man if you don’t cheat, beat, and harass your spouse. The reason why society is how it is today is because of the men in the family that are fake and unreal to their wives and children. Don’t spoil society more than it already is.
    3. Be a help meet to your partner
      If you want to be happy in your relationship, then be a help meet to your partner. But before you become a help meet, the man must have all these attributes and more:
      He must be working.
      2. He must be a cultivator (be able to bring the best out of you)
      3. He must have a purpose for life.
      4. He must be a protector.
      5. He must be a provider
      6. He must be a teacher of your religious belief.
      If he doesn’t have any of these attributes and you are still with him then you need to know where you are heading in life. Just because he has a car doesn’t make him a real man. Even you can buy a car.

      Having a good look doesn’t make him a good father or even a good partner. Be more discerning when choosing your partner. So him having all this, then you can come into his life to make him better and bigger than he already is. And as a lady don’t make him feel less than he already is.

      If you are always there for him making him see the light in the good that he is doing. This will make him want to always be by your side every time. No man will make you sad or even break your heart if you are doing this to him. Your love will grow stronger and better.
    4. Talk about what interest you
      For you to be happy, you need to talk and do things that interest you and your partner. The best way to keep a conversation going is to keep talking about the person or better still get the person to talk about themselves and their goals and vision.

      Don’t be the only one talking all the time give them time to also talk about themselves also. I know as a lady you may enjoy talking a lot but sometimes you just need to discipline yourself so the other party can get involved in the conversation also.

      In doing this you will feel the butterflies in your stomach dancing. But be careful with your words. Not all men have the ability to understand when you’re funny or you’re serious. So be distinct with your words.
    5. Appreciate the man in your life

      You know there is a saying that if you can thank more you will have more. Men are beings of pride and when you can pat that ego on the back smoothly, he will do anything to make sure you’re happy and will do everything to keep you. So always tell him thank you for anything he gets for you, even the things that he hasn’t done tell him babe, thank you, I love you.

      This may be simple but it will melt his heart towards you. The goal of this is for you to make him realize his value to you and society. Learn how to appreciate the men in your life. Starting from your dad and then your partner. If you can do this he will stop at nothing to see that you are happy and satisfied.

      Tell him he can be more and even far better than his competitors.  If you keep at this he will always want to come back home early just to be in your arms. Just as he would do with his mother.
    6. Spend quality time together.
      You will always have time for what and who you love. No matter how tired a mother is, she can’t ignore her crying baby. So if you really love this man you’re seeing, make time for him. You can’t say you love someone and don’t have time for them. So if you are working then talk to him about it and make arrangements for the weekends when you can have and spend quality time together.
      how to keep a relationship strong and happy online

      It takes time to make a relationship work and it takes more time to make it strong and still be a happy one. If you don’t have time for each other you can’t get to know each other well. Research shows that people will fall in love with those who are always there for them to listen, talk to, and share their time with them.

How To Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy Bonus Tips

  • Don’t keep secrets.

    Keeping secrets is one of the reasons why relationships don’t last long. Be clear as water to your partner. I see ladies having best friends outside their relationship. Well, that’s too bad because your partner is to be your new best friend. He can’t gossip about your secrets, men don’t have time for that even if he breaks up with you, the only he will be telling his friends is how he used you in bed and beyond.

    He won’t want to tell your secrets because he knows that you also have some of his. So that’s the deal with men and secrets tho. But the mature ones only. It doesn’t matter the age of the guy, he may be childish, or mature, depending on his level of comprehension. So before you tell him your secrets you must be mature enough to hear and reason with him.
  • Don’t be scared to show your vulnerability.

    Vulnerability is not a weakness. It is part of your built-in attributes. You are vulnerable because you are created that way. But it is your greatest strength if you know what to do with it.

    If you are giving your partner every reason to think that he can’t do anything for you he will feel less of himself and then he will leave to find another person who will be his backbone. The backbone is always protected from harm because of its vulnerability. So if you are his backbone he will protect you at all costs.

  • Don’t deny him his sexual needs

    I know this may sound odd but the first need of a man is SEX. So, that’s why his very ready for it anytime, anywhere, his always ready. So, as a lady don’t hinder him from this. It won’t make you lose or even a prostitute. So long you’re married.

    So ladies don’t make him always beg for this, he may go out and look for it where it will be easy for him. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know when to say no to him and yes, just regulate it with the both of you having an agreement. Maybe once a month or thrice a month or more depending on your capacity.

  • Give your wife/partner affection(for males)

    As sex is your first need as a male it doesn’t mean that she also has that same need as a lady. The first need of a woman is AFFECTION. It is not sex although she may enjoy it, it is not her first need. If you give her that affection she will give you sex. Ladies are incubators; they reproduce anything you give them. You give them a word they give you a sentence, you give her a sperm she gives you a baby, you give her frustration she gives you hell straight up man. So be affectionate towards your wife/partner. Love her the way you love yourself and look unto her as the weaker vessel.
  • Communicate your vision with each other
    If as a lady you don’t help your partner/husband to archive his goal, and you want just your own vision to be archived, then you’re not together. You won’t last long in that relationship even if you’re married.

    So, what are you supposed to do? You are to help him archive his vision and he will do the same to yours. So don’t be selfish and think your vision is better than his and then want to have yours first. If there is division there will be divorce and breakups. So to save your marriage, and relationship, please don’t downplay his vision. Instead, help him.
  • Have fun together.

    Have fun with the person you love. This will create a long-lasting memory for the two of you.
    Go to places where you have always wanted to go.strong relationship tips

    Take pictures and make videos that you can always go back to and make references. The memory will be an ever-green one. The happiness and laughter you get from this will make you love your partner more and make you strong when you are going through hard times in your relationship. It will make you know that you are able to pass through any storm.
  • Be a good listener.

    To be a listener and a hearer are two different things. I can hear you but won’t pay attention to whatever you’re saying. Let’s define listening and hearing. To hear means to perceive (a sound, or something producing a sound) with the ear, to recognize (something) in an auditory way.

    While listening is paying attention to a sound or speech. To accept advice or obey instruction; to agree or assent. So now that you know the difference, don’t think that you are hearing someone mean that you are paying attention.

    Listen more than you talk. For this, a wise counsel, don’t be too quick to talk even when you know you have something to say. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Do this principle and see what happens next. Not just in your relationship but in every area of your life.

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