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 How to Increase Love in a Relationship: Can it Finish?

Love in itself can’t increase because it is already at its peak. The only thing you can do is to open your heart and allow the love to suck you in. How to increase love in a relationship is by letting your heart understand all there is about love.

Love goes way beyond the words we say and truthfully speaking no man on earth has reached the peak of love. We won’t go into that but since I’m also a man let’s talk about how to increase love in a relationship as humans.

Love is a choice and not a feeling. It can be defined as a feeling of emotions but it is still a choice. People in relationships today say they don’t know why they haven’t increased their love or why haven’t their love grown.

The thing is you need to understand that love doesn’t need to increase anymore you only need to allow yourself to be taken by love and be in your right mind. If you lose your mind saying you’re in love then that’s not love my dear.

So, there are ways in which you can increase your love in a relationship.

How to Increase Love in a Relationship



Being intimate with your partner doesn’t necessarily mean having sex all the time. It means to be naked without shame. Have a pure and healthy heart toward your partner. Intimacy is getting to know your partner and everything that comes with them.

You need a relationship at an intimate level with your partner if you want to increase your love. Some partners don’t even know the birthdays of their partners. Ladies give in to you more when you talk deeply and this will make them love you more. Talk to ignite your soul.

We will talk more about communication because this cannot be over-emphasized in a relationship. Intimacy makes you a friend beyond what you think and it takes you to another level of love that you won’t believe.

Communicate Effectively

Having a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner will make them more open and free towards you. You can’t say you love someone if you don’t talk to them right? People who say they love actually communicate with the person they love.

Telling your spouse/partner that you love them and robbing them of effective communication is a bad thing or we can call it a sin. You’re breaking the laws of love and you will be penalized by nature for that. Most breakups happen because partners do not communicate and even when they do, they don’t really do it at an intimate level.

They are just about random things that make no sense to their lives. It doesn’t work that way. I know men don’t like talking but to increase your love and how long you want your relationship to last you need to learn how to talk to your wife/partner.

A guy steals your girlfriend because he talks to her intimately more than you and sorry she’s going to leave you for that guy man. It is a sad reality. Because over time talking to her at the soul level makes her mind, emotions, and intellect tell her that this actually loves her more than you do. Don’t let it be said that your girlfriend/wife left because of a lack of communication in your relationship.

Be as new couples always

Don’t think I’m asking you to ask her out every two days to ensure that you’re still together or to keep proposing to her after two days just to check if she’s still your wife. What this means is that you have to keep doing the things that make you happy like the same you felt after the first day you went out for a to increase love in a relationship

Keep doing those things you were doing when you guys were still dating even if you’re married. If you’re still dating, then let it be consistent. You don’t have to go to a restaurant all the time but the goal is to make sure your heart gets fused together by the love you have for each other. Take long walks and talk about what you plan to do in the future and where you want to travel to.

Don’t downplay the impact of small things in a relationship. Even if it’s just a rose of $5 that you can send to her during office hours, it won’t just be a flower that she will get from you when you send it. It is more of her heart than her words that you will get.

Do this regularly and see the difference for yourself. Women don’t love you because you think you’re cute and have a lot of money. No that’s not all they want. They need someone who has their heart and interest secured no matter what happens. They need someone they can trust and who will also trust them back. Good girls are hard to come by these days because social media has taken over our private space and we don’t know what to believe again but I tell you that these laws work even in the social media age.

Have Respect

When you regard someone or something it is said that you either value that person or thing, or you love that person or thing. If you claim to love and don’t have respect for your partners then you’re bluffing. It is as simple as that.

Don’t feel too important that you forget that your partner is also a human and he/she needs to be respected no matter the age difference between you. Respect is a sign of true love for those in love relationships and a sign of honor and value for those who are in relationships.

If you respect me it shows that I’m worth it and that I’m valuable. Please don’t be overfamiliar with your partner or anyone you’re in a relationship with. You can read about the types of Relationships HERE. I know that men have been told to not respect women and they should put their foot down in the house to show authority.

But the truth is true leadership is not shown by taking authority by force but by earning it. If you have kids already, don’t think they will respect you if you don’t respect their mother. If you want respect then show respect first. That’s how it works around here.

Learn to Forgive and Forbear

Learn how to forgive and forbear in your relationship. If you only have forgiveness then it is not complete because the offense will still be back. But if you forbear, you will create a space in your heart for the humanity of men because they will still offend you.

So having forgiveness is not enough until you add forbearance to it. Forgive yes but also forbear until you see the evident change in this person. How long do you think it takes for someone to offend you? It may take months and even years before they would change but if you have forbearance, then you will know that even the best of men is still a man and not a perfect being.

Forgiveness in a relationship is a virtue but don’t abuse the person who is forgiving and forbearing all the time you will be shocked by their actions later.

Learn to say Thank you and Please

Saying thank you or please is not a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Thank you is a sign of gratitude for what your partner was able to do for you. Many people overlook these simple magic word which is please, thank you, and sorry.How to Strengthen Love in a Relationship

Don’t feel too big to say thank you or please whenever the need arises it is a sign of respect and gratitude. As humans, we all want people to show signs of gratitude even for the little things we do for them that’s just how we are.
You can read about tips on how to increase love in your marriage. Some may go ahead to do more when you say thank you that’s almost embarrassing.

Don’t embarrass people though not everybody will be happy with it. Do it with intelligence and if it’s your spouse or girlfriend, you can bake a cake just to say thank you or cook his/her favorite meal. When it comes to saying please, ladies don’t feel it your right to get anything you ask for.

I know he ought to provide for your needs but don’t make it a legislative rule. He has free will to choose if he wants to do it for you or not.

How to Strengthen Love in a Relationship

If you want to strengthen your love in a relationship, then you need to be ready to bend over backward. Don’t let the storms of relationships put you down in fact, it is in stormy times that relationships take the strongest turns.

Strength comes from endurance. So, exercise your endurance and see how your relationship will turn out. Just because you see a little flaw here and there doesn’t mean your partner can’t change, it takes you and your partner to make your relationship work.

One tree cannot make a forest but it can produce fruits that will make a forest. Things will get hard but you just have to glide through the storm like an eagle because you know that nothing will last forever unless permitted.

“Jim Rohn said it takes all of us to make it work” so also with your love relationship. If you have the ability to correct every wrong and you keep doing it without love what do you think will happen? Sometimes we just have to show our humanity and let others help that’s why you have a spouse, girlfriend, or partner. Don’t be so perfect that you fall into a ditch.

Mistakes are bound to happen. You will step on each other’s nerves but these little things give strength to your love relationship. [READ: HOW TO HAVE A LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIP]

How to Improve Love between Couples

If you’re already married then you need to stay single. Staying single I mean you need to have that same mentality you had when you were single. You basically don’t look out for anybody to cook for you and when they do, you say a big thank you because you did not expect it. Be like that in your marriage but this time, have the consciousness that someone else is in your life not as a maid but as a helper.How to Improve Love between Couples

If your wife cooks for you and does your laundry, don’t just feel entitled and say that’s why you pay her dowry, say thank you honey for the food and for doing my laundry. You see these are the little things that make your love journey interesting. And remember, marriage is a journey and if the other party is not ready to travel with you, don’t start the journey hoping they will change their mind along the way because it won’t happen.

Wives, you were paying your bills before and since you got married you stop but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what the man is doing for you. It is his responsibility as a man but it’s not an easy deal to keep doing forever. You will get tired and sometimes frustrated. Thank you my husband for making sure I and my kids are not homeless is not a bad thing to say to your husband.

We just need to see the importance of the different roles we play in a relationship and appreciate it so we can move forward.

What Keeps a Relationship Going Strong

Knowledge is what keeps a relationship strong. The only thing you add to knowledge is love and wisdom. Just because you have knowledge about relationships doesn’t mean you have wisdom on how to apply your knowledge.

Get wisdom and don’t lose the love you have for your partner just because you’re trying to correct the wrongs they did. Use love and wisdom to correct errors and you won’t have any problems because without love your correction will only sound like disrespect and pride stinger.  Knowledge, wisdom, and love keep a relationship going strong don’t forget that each time you try to deal with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or partner.

How to Increase Love in a Long Distance Relationship

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and you feel your love for your partner is decreasing, then you need to read this. You can lose your love for someone or something but the reason behind this can be 2 things.

  1. Lust
    You may think you love someone from the beginning and after a little space between you, you give up and start looking elsewhere for a fresh feeling of love. Love is not a feeling although it has to do with feelings. Don’t get the shinning object syndrome in a relationship because you will keep jumping from one to another.
  2. Indecision 
    If you don’t decide whether or not you can be in a long-distance relationship and remain faithful then don’t have one. Because it takes patience and understanding to stay in a long-distance relationship. If you don’t think it possible then let the other party know and don’t make them hope and believe that they are coming back to their love when you’re already married.

These two actions can cause your love to wither in a relationship. Be sure that you love a person before saying yes and decide if you can stay faithful if one of you moves to another city or state.

Over to you

Now that you know these laws, happy are you if you do them. Don’t fold your hands with this knowledge and expect it to work for you. Do them! Love can increase and you can make it work for you. Love comes with its complications but the more you look at the bright side, the better it gets. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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