how to have a long lasting relationship

How to Have a Long Lasting Relationship: Without STRESS

We all have been in and out of a relationship in our lives and we would still be in and out of a relationship(not necessarily a love relationship). But how is it that we have those that never leave even when we wanted them to?

How to have a long-lasting relationship should be the second conversation after saying I love you right? But how do we go about this seeing that we only have some relationships that are old but not profiting and some that are little or less profiting?

There are ways to have a long lasting relationship all you have to do is read and take action accordingly.

So, let’s about how to have a long lasting relationship today. Don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

Expectations in a Relationship

Everybody in a relationship has expectations and if you don’t know this, you may miss the idea of how to have a long-lasting relationship. So what are the things you hope to get when you enter any relationship? Are you looking for pleasure, money, sex, influence, power, cars, or do you just want whatever comes your way?

I will tell you 3 things you’re looking for each time you enter a relationship.


Anytime you enter into a new relationship, what you’re expecting is growth and increase. As humans, we all have this urge to increase and grow in every facet of our lives. No matter how irrelevant it may seem, this is the first thing you look for when you enter into a relationship.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship or not. We crave growth and increase from the body to education, to wealth and health and love, we all crave to increase what to have and what we aim to have. As a businessman, you crave growth and increase, as a mother you crave the growth and increase of your family and your personal to have a long lasting relationship

Increase and growth is a healthy thing to pursue but watch why you want to grow so bad. You may enter into a relationship just to grow and then kill the other person if you don’t have the motive to make that person grow also. So many people enter your life and then you start losing things all of a sudden. From money to properties and all. You don’t get anything in return after all these.

They come and take from you but they don’t give back to you for your increment or growth. Watch Out for those people. If you’re one of them then change today and start adding to someone’s growth before you desire your growth.

If you’re in a relationship and you don’t have the urge to grow then you’re dying. Run from any relationship that doesn’t create room for your growth and increase.


Let’s face it we all want to be someone that is respected in our community and nation. Everybody wants to be known for something small or big. We all want to have that sense of significance that we matter in life and that’s the reason why you change relationships once you believe that you’re no longer respected or given the honor you to have a long lasting relationship with your boyfriend

You may want to think that it is wrong but that’s not true because part of the reason why you break up is that your partner doesn’t see the value of your presence in their life. You leave so to find someone who will give you the significance that you’re looking for.

My advice is for you to go for someone who will value you and make you significant in their life. It is not selfishness or greed but it is the craving of humans. So long as you’re a human you will always want your life to count. People don’t get involved in cultism because they want to get killed, they join because they want to feel worthy of admiration and significance.

Ladies that sleep around want someone to say that’s my girl or woman, so if they don’t get it they change men and look for the same thing. Even if they do it for money, they still want to take care of their families and feel significant to them.


Yeah, you guessed correctly. Everybody in this world today will do anything for people to love them. Anyone who doesn’t have love will likely be a statue or a stone. Even animals want to be loved. Humans need the awareness that someone out there truly loves and cares for them. Everything we do has an unknown motive for to have a long lasting relationship in high school

If you don’t feel accepted or loved, you will do anything to get it. Love is the bases of every relationship and if this is missing in any relationship, you will find it very hard to advance. Love is a very strong mystery amongst humans. Remember that love is not a feeling of emotions but a choice. Love may have emotional feelings but it is never a feeling.

Now that you know the three expectations you need from a relationship, let’s talk about how to have a long lasting relationship.


How to Have a Long Lasting Relationship.



There is a rich phrase that says “Decisions make Destiny”.Whatever you have decided to do will always find a way to come into your life. So also with your relationships. If you decide today that you want to have a long lasting relationship, you will have it because you have decided to. But not just decision alone.

You don’t guess your way to the next grade in school, you decide you want to pass and then you work towards passing your exams to take you to the next class. That’s the same thing with your relationship. If you want 10 years of friendship and your expectations are set, you will get 10 solid years of friendship trust me.

You don’t wish to have a baby until you decide to get intimate and then you can have a baby. But the secret to this is that both parties must be aware of the fact that you want a long-lasting relationship. If you’re the only one who made this decision then I’m sorry but it won’t last long enough because everything you do will be a nuisance to the person who hasn’t decided to have a long relationship with you. It’s saddening but that’s the plain truth.

Make a decision and also know that every decision comes with a consequence. You may not know the consequences until you make the decision.

If you like the consequences then make the decision. Remember that even if you don’t choose, you’re still making a decision.

If you’re finding it hard to make decisions then you can read this ARTICLE on how to make good decisions in relationships


After you have decided on how long you want your relationship to last, go after it. Go after it by seeking knowledge with your decision in mind. Don’t fold your arms because you’ve decided to have a long relationship, go after it with everything in you.

Don’t hold back to show concern, value, care, honor, and love. If you seek that which will make your relationship work you will find it. Those who seek will always find. Don’t think that true and authentic knowledge will come to you just because you like it. You have to seek it with your heart. Take out time with your partner to review books together, and attend relationship seminars.

If you have the money why not buy tapes and pay for mentorship? This will not only help strengthen your mind, but it will make you stronger in making relationship decisions.

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As much as you want to have a long-lasting relationship, you must keep your communication level high. Don’t say we already talked yesterday what should we talk about today? I’m not saying you must talk every day but what I’m saying is that you keep the communication constant. If you talk every day that means you’re not sincere with yourselves. You have something doing right? Make out time to say hi but not every time is good for to have a long lasting relationship with girlfriend

Don’t feel bad about this because if you want to keep communicating every day, then you may likely lose interest in that relationship. I know you love this person but be rest assured that as a human you love dynamism and if you don’t see a different style once in a while you may look outside. So give them space and some time to even study and learn new things so you can have what to talk about whenever you come in contact with them.

If you follow these principles, I can assure you will have a long-lasting relationship.

If you say you can’t communicate with guys well then you can read this article and learn how to talk to guys.


Having someone that has your back in life is a very precious gift you can get. No matter how little they can do, it will always matter when you look at it genuinely. Having support from your partner is a very beautiful thing because it makes your bond stronger. You don’t have to be strong all the time to seek support, you just have to be vulnerable and open-hearted.

If you don’t think this will help, try ignorance and see what will become of you. Be happy to share your flaws and strength. You’re not superman. Even Superman couldn’t do it without the support of his family.

Support keeps your hope alive and makes it brighter because the more hands on your back, the more you will always keep moving. Don’t be strong-hearted each time someone offers to give you support. Even the lone ranger wasn’t alone. Be WISE!

If you will give yourself these keys then you will have a long-lasting relationship. Don’t be arrogant toward knowledge. Receive with meekness and see the magic. We have come to the end of this article and I hope it was able to help you in some way.


How to Make a long lasting relationship work


The only key to longevity is knowledge. You will need enough knowledge if you want to make your long lasting relationship work. Loving the person is not enough to make your relationship work. Love makes your relationship worthy of your investment but knowledge answers the question of how long. Don’t ever think because you love your partner and that’s the only thing you will ever need in a relationship. Sorry to say but you’re in for a shock.

The only way you can make your long lasting relationship work is if you have sufficient knowledge about how relationships work. Don’t think because you love innocently that you won’t get hurt. The person who will hurt you may be you. The best thing to do is to get knowledge and apply it to your relationship.

There are a few ways to get knowledge about relationships

Read Books

Listen to Audiotapes

Attend seminars

Don’t take any of these for granted because they will save you many years of pain and misery.

How to Ensure Your Relationship Lasts

When we talk about relationships we’re not just talking about love relationships alone but relationships in their entirety. For you to ensure that your relationship lasts you need to make sure you follow the rules mentioned above.

Don’t try to beat the system or find your way around it because it won’t work. There is no relationship that is successful that doesn’t have one or more of those rules in it. Loving someone isn’t enough to make your relationship last.

You need the exact knowledge that makes for long relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’re a banker, lawyer, accountant, doctor, father, girl, or priest, you are also involved in this, and whether you like it or not you’re in a relationship with your boss, client, patient, wife, children, and even your God.

If you want to multiply anything in life, check your relationship with people around you and that thing you’re to multiply. I tell you that multiplication will only happen if and only if you have a strong relationship with people and the thing.

How to Build a Lasting Relationship with a Man


Well, it is simple. Because everything we’ve talked about here has no specific gender that it is addressing but to everyone. So, if you want to build a long lasting relationship with a man then you need to add a few things to the list.


This may seem over-emphasized but it cannot be over-emphasized. Men are simple beings that can be understood if only you pay attention to details. When you respect a man he becomes vulnerable toward you. How do you think men fall in love? It is not necessarily by your beauty, but by the respect you give them. Who would want to bring home a woman who doesn’t respect him? No one.


Sometimes men will try to be strong or rock-solid, but the truth is they are still weak. Every human has this weakness and if you can be a strong support to them in their time of need, then trust me you will definitely cause him to commit to you and not just love you alone.

Be smart when dealing with men. If you ask how long-lasting relationships start, then you have your answer if you are dealing with men. Men are more logical than women but it doesn’t mean they don’t need support or help from women. Ask successful men in the world who made them succeed. 80 percent will say, my mama. That’s how powerful a woman can be in the life of a man.

Over To You

Now that you have the knowledge on how to make your relationship last long, then cheat yourself by not implementing it. Good luck and don’t forget someone else will need this also. SHARE the love.