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How To Get a Hot Girlfriend: 4 Guy Codes

If you’re looking to get a hot girlfriend for yourself and you don’t believe you can do it then you need to read this article on how to get a hot girlfriend and be on top of your game. Getting a hot girlfriend is easy only if you follow the rules.

There are a few things you need to know and do if you want to get a hot girlfriend for yourself. So let us start with the basic things you need to do and know.

How to get a Hot Girlfriend

Before you can dream of having a hot girl you need to be hot also right? Well, so said frank legend but I have facts that need to be considered. It may be true to some extent but how can two hot make a classic? One has to be warm right? Well, let’s dive deep and see if the facts are correct.
how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average

If you like a girl that is hot and every guy at school, at work, or neighborhood is after then you may want to consider a few things about yourself.

  1. Do you think you will match her standards?
  2. Do you have the features that will make someone like her like you?
  3. Are you a smart, tall, dark/white rich popular guy?
  4. Do you have self-esteem that is contagious?
  5. Are you secure enough emotionally to see her talking to other guys?

If you answered 2 of the questions correctly, you’re a bit close. You will say YES I know but let’s be true to ourselves. Every man on earth is jealous especially when it comes to something or someone precious to them. You know gone are the days when ladies love guys that are intelligent and not popular because they also can’t handle their insecurities.

But in today’s world, a lady may reject you just because you’re intelligent don’t be surprised, my friend. Before we proceed further with how to get a hot girlfriend, you need to know what to do to have a good chance even if you’re not as cute as she wants.

What To Do To Make a Hot Girl Like You

  1. Be a classic gentleman
    There are some ladies out there that will tell you they don’t like gentlemen well, in actual sense they do. Who in her right mind will like someone that will beat her up and drug her just because she loves him? All you have to do is to be the guy she wants. Money is not the only important thing in a relationship your looks are also another factor man. how to get a hot girlfriend reddit
  2. Have Standards.
    No matter how badly you want a girlfriend, don’t ever break your standards for any lady. That’s guy code 101. Every girl you break your standards for, will not value it and in the end, she will hurt you. The higher your standards, the more the ladies will chase. Don’t sell yourself short.
    You can learn how to be an alpha male >>>HERE<<<. The goal of having standards is so you won’t allow any kind of girl into your life. Don’t be too quick to get a girlfriend just to end up in another heartbreak.
  3. Be Yourself. 
    Similar to step 2 you don’t have to fake a lifestyle just because you’re trying to impress some girl. Anything real is achievable if only you work hard on yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be yourself whenever you’re around the girl you think you like.I know a lot of ladies won’t date a broke guy but it doesn’t mean you should kill yourself just because you didn’t get the popular girl in school. Be real to yourself and see how girls will flood your DM looking for your attention.
  4. Speak Nice Words To Her. 
    Most guys don’t know what to say to a lady they like and they end up spoiling things for themselves. You don’t have to keep asking hope you’re fine all the time man. Come up with questions and topics that lead to long and interesting conversations. You can learn how to converse with a lady >>>HERE<<<.
  5. Don’t flirt too much
    I know you say Dion how am I supposed to do this when it’s the best way to get a girl craving after you? You can watch THIS “MIND HACK” MAKES HOT GIRLS WANT YOU.  You will get the simple one-trick shot that makes a hot girl yours. And you don’t have to flirt your way into her head.
  6. Don’t be Insecure.
    As a guy, the last thing you want to do is to have insecurities in a relationship. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be jealous, don’t be insecure. It is a turn-off for most ladies. Being a man doesn’t mean you lie about yourself and what you can’t do. Be open to saying it when you can’t handle it and what situations you can’t handle.
  7. Dress Well
    If you really want anybody to take you seriously in life, you have to start dressing properly. Don’t just wake up and start wearing nonsense clothes all in the name of new trends. It will make you go broke because it is only a matter of time before another trend will to get a hot girlfriend wikihow

So what if you’re not a cute guy but you believe you have what it takes to get yourself a hot girlfriend? Well here’s how to get a hot girlfriend if you’re ugly.

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend if you’re Ugly

No matter ugly you may think you’re, it doesn’t have to stop you from being a fun guy. Do all the things mentioned above and add these few tips to it.

  1. Tell Yourself What You Want To Hear
    By this I mean don’t let people put you down by saying you’re ugly and then you believe them. You start by saying it to yourself every day in the mirror no matter what your heart may be telling you to keep doing it until you believe it and start seeing changes. Blocking false information about yourself will help you fight the limitations in your mind.
  2. Learn
    I know this may seem a little bit off but you have to learn if you want to know what to do and how to behave as a guy. You behave what you believe and you have a belief from what you hear constantly and hear you hear can come from people and books. So, get knowledge and see how beautiful your life can be. Applied knowledge is very powerful. Learn how to dress, speak well, and behave well, and not just to ladies alone, but to everyone you meet in life.
  3. Have Esteem 
    Jim Rohn said esteem is what you think about yourself. So ask yourself this question what do I think about myself? Are you thinking about yourself being a good person with great character or not? What you think about yourself affects how your life works out. Don’t think in a box or let your looks deceive you. You can be the most wanted guy only if you have the right mind and think about yourself.

So add these 3 steps to the ones mentioned above and see what will become of you. Now, let’s talk about those who are average and how they can get a hot girlfriend.

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend if you’re Average

First, let’s talk about the word average. What does it mean? An average person according to Collins English Dictionary is a typical or normal person or thing. So let’s relate that to what we’re talking about here. Can you who is normal get a hot girlfriend? [READ: HOW TO MAKE A RELATIONSHIP STRONG AND HAPPY]

Well, the answer is YES but you also need to know what to do. Follow all the steps mentioned above and you will be good to go. If you’re saying you’re not ugly and yet you don’t have a girlfriend, then you need to watch this VIDEO. But let me give you a few steps to follow since you are already good at some of the things you need to get yourself a hot girlfriend.

  1. Don’t Get Too Hooked Up With Pride
    Yeah everyone has pride but depending on what you’re building your pride on. You don’t have to feel big to know that you are. If you get too deep in your pride, I don’t think any girl will ever want to come close to you as a to get over a hot girlfriend
    Pride is valid if only you have results to show right? But I hope you know that some people already have the same results as you. Don’t feel like the only rich guy or the only cute guy in your world because it’s a red flag.
  2. Be Nice 
    Being nice to ladies doesn’t make you weak or less of yourself. It makes you stronger and better. Don’t buy the idea of not being nice to ladies will make them chase you. Ask yourself how many ladies have you attracted since you decided not to be nice. You will only get ladies that are not up to your standards and you will end up hurting her and yourself.
  3. Have Respect 
    We don’t have to talk about what respect is but it is required if you want to know how to get a hot girlfriend because every lady deserves respect and it should be given no matter how old or young they are. Showing respect to a lady is a sign of you being a real man. how to be a nice guy

If after reading all these steps and you are having a conflict on the best steps that will work for you, let’s talk about the best way to get a hot girlfriend.

Best Way to Get a Hot Girlfriend

The best way to get a hot girlfriend is to become the kind of guy a hot girl will want to date. Do think that because you got a physique and luxurious cars doesn’t mean you’re the kind of guy she will want to have as a boyfriend? Ladies can be complex and even more complex when it gets to choosing a boyfriend.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t match her spec. You will find someone else that is compatible with you and get to enjoy your love life. Everything will fall in place if only we find those that are compatible with us and we can live with. No matter how handsome you’re there is someone out there who doesn’t care about you a bit. So, learn to be content and know you can’t have everything you desire especially humans.

Who is a Hot Girl

We have been talking about how to get a hot girlfriend now let’s talk about who is a hot girl. Well, according to Urban Dictionary, a hot girl is a lady or woman who is extremely good-looking, attractive, and beautiful woman. But for some guys, a hot girl is just someone like Nicky Minaj because she got a big butt. Well, if that’s your definition of hot then feel free to continue on that path but not all are real though.who is a hot girl


A hot girl doesn’t really exist it is only a fragment of your imagination. If you want a hot girlfriend, MAKE ONE. All the features we see in a lady are tangible things that will fade away. We will talk about this in a different article. I hope you were able to get good and helpful info out of this. Please share with your guys and help them leave singlehood LOL.

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