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How To Be A Good BoyFriend: Best Way to do it in 2023

Have you tried to be a good guy in a lady’s life and don’t know how? Well, here’s how to be a good boyfriend and a guy to any lady that comes into your life. You will learn from this article how to be a good and better boyfriend.

How to be a good boyfriend, According To Boyfriends

How do you find your ideal partner? Almost every relationship has its unique characteristics. But rather than a dull report on the best way to relationship problems, we gathered tips from a list of the best boyfriends. Is there anything you need to know? Tell me your woman’s desire to know what they want to do – from smelling good to listening more attentively to the need and interest in truly listening. Take note!how to be a better boyfriend/husband

Do you want your girlfriend to be happy? Then you need to know the qualities of a good boyfriend. Here are all the qualities you need in the relationship to better yourself, from learning her love language to being willing to compromise

Structure your conversation

Most times guys don’t know how to talk to a lady constructively and this can cause communication failure in your relationship. You need to understand when is the right time to tell her that you love her or be nasty. You can’t just put everything at once and expect to have a smooth talk with your girlfriend, that’s not how to be a good boyfriend you know and if it continues, you will lose her.

When talking to your girlfriend, you have to structure everything you want to talk about and then choose the topics to start with and see if it’s going to sound right or not. You can start with career and then jump to what’s her favorite s*x position, it doesn’t sound right. I know men don’t know to do this but it is something you can do if you put your mind to it.

Ways to be a better boyfriend every girl dreams of dating

There are ways to be a good boyfriend and you have to make up your mind that you’re going to do it no matter how difficult it may sound in your head. Here are 10+ ways to become the guy every girl wants to date.

1. Recognize Codependency

According to, codependency is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. It is also known as “relationship addiction” because people with codependency often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive, and/or abusive.

You need to know when the relationship with your girlfriend is getting one-sided and if it is, you need to fix it as fast as possible. Yes, it may sound like an interesting trait but it can be dangerous if it is not controlled. Ladies are emotional beings and they don’t mind going all in for what and who they love but if you make it look like k-dramas, you may regret your actions sooner rather than later.

Be four times smarter emotionally than your girlfriend if you want to be a good boyfriend. Don’t blackmail your girlfriend emotionally if you notice that your relationship is one-sided.

2. Be responsive, not reactive

As a guy, you need to be emotionally intelligent. You can’t be the reactive one always but be the responsive one. When you respond to any and every matter that arises in your relationship, you are not only showing her that you’re a real man, you are telling her that you can handle things on your own.

Don’t be the guy that needs a push to respond each time something happens between you and your girlfriend. This is will make her think of you as a loser and irresponsible man. Being responsible doesn’t mean you have to feed her or buy her clothes but it means having the ability to respond to a given obligation or task.

Develop the ability to respond and respond well not by your emotions but by your logic and intellect.

3. Consistency is key

After making her feel good on your first date, you have to be a consistent boyfriend in making her feel good. I know sometimes it gets exhausting but you just have to keep to it and don’t fake it. Faking consistency is a very bad thing because you won’t be a man of integrity. Once you want to commit to making her feel good and be like the only girl in the world, you have to stay consistent in doing that.

You obviously won’t kill yourself and you don’t have to do it every day you see. You just have to be fresh and constant with what you decided to do in your relationship. How to be a good boyfriend won’t scare you if you put in the work and make sure the vibe is also reciprocated.

4. Build trust

I have seen guys who don’t trust their girlfriends even for a second and yet they want to be the best boyfriend. It doesn’t work that way and I know you don’t want to be that way also. Wishing for it won’t make it happen but working toward it will make it happen.

If you want to be a good boyfriend, you need to build a healthy trust foundation in your relationship. Make sure you put your girlfriend in a position where she’s always sure that you trust her and that she can trust you with anything.

Going through each other’s phone without permission is bad but it shouldn’t cause problems between the both of you if you’re being honest and loyal.

5. Respect their mental health

Most ladies can’t withstand pressure and you can’t blame them though because we’re all built differently. If your girlfriend can’t stand watching you talk to other girls and laugh then don’t do it. I know some of them are your friends but it will help strengthen your relationship because you’re protecting the health of your girlfriend. That is why you need to build trust and introduce your female friends to your girlfriend.

When you let your girlfriend know who is who in your life, this will save you the stress of explaining yourself every time she sees you laughing with another girl.

6. Listen to your partner

I know you are tired of hearing your girlfriend shout all the time but the solution to most of the problems is that you don’t listen to her. You may hear and not listen but you can’t listen if you’re not hearing. Pay close attention each time she’s telling you about anything that’s disturbing her or just random talk.25 qualities of a good boyfriend

When you listen to her and you respond accordingly, you will make her believe that you’re the right guy for her and it will make her love you more. You usually get to pick ideas of how she wants to be treated if you listen to her when she’s talking. [WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LISTEN]

7. Show appreciation and gratitude

If you want to be a good boyfriend, you need to practice appraisal and gratitude every day. When she does anything for you that deserves thanks, don’t waste time doing it. Tell your girlfriend thank you after eating or washing the dishes or anything that’s significant, and show appreciation and gratitude to her.

Saying and believing that she doesn’t deserve your appreciation and gratitude is only a sign that you’re not responsible and you don’t deserve a girlfriend. I know some of you grew up seeing your dad dishonoring your mother and you believe that’s the only way to treat a lady, no matter how hard-working and loving she is to you. That’s wrong and I don’t blame you totally but you can make a decision to be a good man that’s far better than your dad.

Women are burden bearers and they will stay with you through hard times (not all of them though) the least you can do for your girlfriend is to show her appreciation and express heartfelt gratitude.

8. Practice non-verbal communication

Ladies are interesting in such a way that they can talk without saying a word to you. Maybe the way they move their eyes and head I don’t know. If you can understand that mode of communication, you’re a special and unique boyfriend. You need to know when she’s not feeling okay even when she’s saying that she is fine.

You need to read and understand her to be able to practice non-verbal communication with her. Sometimes your actions can be your non-verbal communication. You don’t have to wait until you have fully understood the language before you can use them.

9. Connect daily

You can’t say you love your girlfriend and yet not talk every day it doesn’t work that way with love. You have to create a specific time when you and your girlfriend will talk and connect. Talking deeply with your girlfriend makes your soul connect and creates a strong to be a better boyfriend long-distance

When connecting and talking through social media or phone calls, make sure you talk about things that will benefit both of you and your relationship’s health. No empty talks.

10. Set goals together

Setting goals together is a beautiful thing you need to practice with your girlfriend if you want to be a good boyfriend. When you set reasonable goals and archive them, both of you will be happy and thrilled. Not because the goal was accomplished, but because the two of you can work together towards one agreed plan.

This will make her understand that you can be the father of her unborn children. Set goals like improving your finance, health, relationship, career, and any bad habit you guys don’t like and want to change it.

11. Fight Fair

There are some things we can’t avoid in every relationship which tend to happen almost every time. Couples fight and no one wants to lose the fight but the thing is that you have to lose most times to keep the relationship. Which is better, losing the relationship and breaking her heart or losing the 5 minutes argument? You have to choose what is more important each time you want to engage in an argument with your girlfriend.

Even when she’s wrong, don’t try to use her past to argue because you’re not mature at all. When you argue, make sure the talk is about what happened at that moment and not what you have been keeping in your head for over a year. The bottom line is that you don’t the issue more important than the relationship.

12. Commit yourself to personal growth & understanding

I know both of you have agreed to set joint goals and bucket lists but you have to know more than what she knows if you really want to be a good boyfriend. Work on yourself and grow. Even when you know how to be a good boyfriend, don’t stop learning and growing because the world doesn’t stop where it is in knowledge.

Get books on personal development and learn how to be a good and responsible father, son, friend, and brother. You are one of these at any point in your life so don’t slack behind. Understanding is the big brother of knowledge. When you get knowledge and leave understanding, is like buying a phone without its charger. Develop the ability to comprehend and absorb every good and tired information that comes your way.

13. Show empathy

You also have to be a kind person if you want to be a good boyfriend to your girlfriend and not just to her alone but to everyone, that’s in your life. You need to be in a position before to really understand how some people feel when they are down. This is where your girlfriend needs you more than ever because if you can share and understand the pains that she’s going through, she will want you by her forever.

Not showing empathy because it makes you look weak is total nonsense. If you truly love her then you must find a way to partake of her pains and joy.

14. Learn each other’s love language

Do you know what’s your girlfriend love language is or do you just want her to love you? Understanding her love language is one of the top priorities for you in your relationship because it will save a lot of stress and hard thinking.

When you understand how she wants to be loved and she understands how you want to be loved, your relationship will be a ride of roses and sweet scent. You have to speak the love language she understands and make her know that she’s the best thing that happened to you.

How do I become a better boyfriend?

Since you have learned how to be a good boyfriend to your girl, how do you evolve to become a better boyfriend? Here are ways to become a better boyfriend.

1. Treat her like a lady

When it comes to ladies, they have certain ways they want to be treated, and you should have it at the back of your mind that your ex is not the same as your present girlfriend. Learn how to treat your girlfriend like a lady and make her feel safe and comfortable around you. Girls want to be treated how their father treats them at to be a good boyfriend

If you have no idea of how to treat her like a lady, ask her what she likes and dislikes to be on the safer side. Spoil her with the things she likes and be a man each time you go on a date. [HOW TO KEEP YOUR GIRLFRIEND HAPPY]

2. Encourage her to be a better person

Since you have become a better boyfriend, it is high time you make her become a better girlfriend because if you leave her the way she is, she will break your relationship. It is not a bad thing to have a good girlfriend and I don’t why you shouldn’t invest in your girlfriend. Yes, you love her the way she is but you can’t leave her the way she came into your life.

Tell her the importance of becoming a better version of herself and how it will profit both of you and your children if you guys get married. Don’t make her feel stupid when telling her you her to be a better person because it will only push her away from you.

3. Don’t be afraid to give her tough love at times

Sometimes you just have to be tough on your girlfriend and make her feel that you’re hard to impress. When doing this, don’t be too aggressive because you may lose her and you can’t blame it on anyone. Be cautious when being hard and showing tough love. One of the ways to do it is to ignore her when she says I love you and don’t open the car for her when you go out.

4. Give her emotional security

The greatest need of a lady without exception is security and if you can provide that, you will make her feel secure around you. You have to be emotionally secure also if you want to safeguard her emotionally. You can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t teach what you don’t know.

Be sure that your emotions are always in check and don’t lose it when you get angry. Giving her emotional security is proof that you love her and she will want to spend the rest of her life with you.

5. Take care of yourself

Looking good will also add to your attributes of being a better boyfriend. Take out time to care for yourself and don’t say you’re busy and that’s why you can’t look good. Looking good makes you attractive and who doesn’t want her boyfriend to look good? Every lady wants her man to look handsome and attractive, so you don’t have a choice but to take care of yourself by eating and exercising well.

6. Respect her

Respecting your girlfriend is not a sign of weakness and you should never think in that manner toward any girl in your life. According to, Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them. Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well-being. Respect doesn’t have to come naturally – it is something you learn.

So now you understand why you need to respect your girlfriend and every woman you meet because it makes you a better person in general not just for the sake of your girlfriend alone. Respect ladies because you know better and have seen more. [HOW TO RESPECT YOUR GIRLFRIEND]

7. Learn from the good men around you

Most of the decisions we make in life are influenced by someone or something we thought was better. In making your relationship work, you need to make sure you are learning from men with results that have stood the test of time. There are relationship coaches to learn from like Steve Harvey and the rest.

What is beautiful about the world is that we all need each other to make it work. You will avoid a lot of mistakes you learn from people who have failed and learned from their failures. Anyone who hasn’t failed in life is very dangerous for you to take advice from because they will be proud that it is impossible to fail.



In sum, you will be a good boyfriend if you become a good person. Your personality is what you bring to your relationship and what you’re not. You can’t do more than what you know so you need to get quality information about relationship success. You will be a good boyfriend if you change your mindset and principles. See you on the best plain of your relationship.


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