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How To Attract a Boyfriend: 4 Simple Steps To Get Him

How do you get the kind of man you want in your life? Do you believe you can attract men, and make them like you? How do you attract a boyfriend when you don’t need one and how do you make a boy find you attractive to want a relationship with you? Read on to find out how to attract a boyfriend in 4 simple steps. 

Before we talk about how to attract a boyfriend, let’s talk about the things that can make you not attract a guy. Some of the tips may be too hard for you to take but please find time to ponder on them and see if it makes sense.

How to Attract a Boyfriend by being an attractive person.

Before you open your phone and search on google how to attract a boyfriend, ask yourself if you’re also an attractive lady. Let’s talk about the facts that can make you unattractive and make men stay away from you.

1. Eliminate limiting beliefs

Some ladies believe they are not good enough for the kind of guy they want in their life, which is one of the limiting factors that make them stay single or settle for less. You have to believe in yourself and the abilities you have that no one else has on this earth. When you see yourself as the kind of lady every guy wants to have, then you can attract the kind of boyfriend you want.

I know some men won’t appreciate you no matter what happens. The truth is, deep down inside of them they want you to be their girlfriend or wife. For you to have a boyfriend, you need to have a belief system that you’re one the most beautiful, innovative, and intelligent ladies on earth. Make people see your worth before they talk trash about you and don’t be proud because that won’t get you a boyfriend.

2. Get a Life

A lot of ladies today don’t have a life that’s why they keep saying if I get a boyfriend I will be complete and people will respect me and all that nonsense. The truth is you don’t have a life if you believe that without a boy in your life. Get a life if you want to know how to attract a boyfriend and good things in life to attract your boyfriend over text

Having a life doesn’t mean you should be breathing so loud that people will hear you but having a personality that everyone wants to have. Don’t be too carried away by the trending topics and forget that you’re also a unique lady that cannot be found anywhere else on the earth. You see when you have this belief and you work towards improving yourself and getting a good life. It doesn’t matter how rich you get the thing is how satisfied you are with yourself and the things you have accomplished.

Don’t become a victim of smallness and the lying tongues of men. Live your life to the full and don’t anybody dictate how far you can go in life. Any guy that wants you must be capable of keeping and making reach your full potential.

3. Be ready to commit to the process

Some ladies think that in a relationship, the guy is the only one that initiates everything and that’s a lie because you can’t call it a relationship if it is only one person. If you want a boyfriend, you have to be ready to commit to the process that leads to love. [READ: WHAT IS CASUAL DATING?]

You can’t sit in your house and expect to get a boyfriend if you don’t commit to the process of engaging in conversations and meeting with new people. We will talk about meeting new people later on.

Make sure you’re also the kind of girl any man would want before you think of how to attract a boyfriend. Be patient to follow the due procedures and don’t rush into a disaster that will make you believe love is not for you.

4. Take your time

I know you’re planning on having a boyfriend and I also want you to know that it takes time to know someone and to even make the person comfortable around you. Don’t rush into a boy’s arm and think he will love you forever maybe because you think he’s cute. You have all the time in the world to vet the kind of guy you want to date and see if you’re compatible.

Relationships take your time, energy, attention, and even money. So you have to be ahead of yourself in knowledge about dating and how to attract a boyfriend to your life and enjoy your love relationship.

If you’re still, remain single until you have seen another single person. I know it may sound funny but you should love your singleness more than your romance but it will save your relationship with anybody on earth. Use the time you have and ask questions that will reveal to you what and what happens in a love relationship.

How to attract a Boyfriend

1. Question Your Reason for Wanting a Boyfriend?

I know this may seem a little bit off but you have to do it if you want to attract a boyfriend. Get into the box of a relationship and ask yourself why you want a boyfriend. Is it because all your friends have boyfriends and you don’t or you don’t like sleeping on your bed alone? Ask the questions nobody will ask and see if your reasons are good and if you’re ready to start a love relationship.

Sometimes you may have lust and think it’s love that’s why you have to give your emotions time to see if it true or not. Some ladies got into a relationship because they were lusting after a guy and they never really had the love as they say.

Questioning your reasons for wanting a boyfriend is not a bad thing but a good one because you won’t prey on yourself. Ask it deeply and find the true reason why you want a boyfriend.

If you’re interested to see your dream man by a sketch then >>>CLICK HERE<<<. You can have fun with it but don’t depend on it to be true.  

There’s an ancient phrase that says he who seeks he shall find and he who asks, he shall receive an answer. So wonderful lady, please don’t make the mistake of fools and jumping right into a relationship without asking the right questions.

2. Be open to who you meet

The amazing thing about a relationship is that it cannot be done with one person alone. So, each time you meet someone be open to him and see if he can be the kind of guy you want. Don’t be grim and think someone is going to fall from heaven and ask you out on a date without you talking to them and being open in your make your boyfriend go crazy about you

Don’t assume that everyone is a superhuman that can read your mind and tell what’s going on in your mind. You have to open up and let people in. If you’re shy then I can understand but if you ain’t and you try to be a mystic lady, you will suffer from heartbreaks because every guy that gets a chance with you will hurt you.

Be open but not stupid. Don’t make people think that because you’re open and a free person doesn’t mean you should take every nonsense from them. Be open but very wise. [READ: SIGNS THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE]

3. Put yourself out there

A product must be on the market to get a buyer, right? Well, it applies to you also. I’m not saying you should put a price tag on your forehead or back but what I mean is that you put yourself out there by being social. Go out with friends and be a social media person even if it is once in two to attract a boyfriend

The more you get into the space and world of young and old people, you will understand whether or not you want a boyfriend. Ignorance is bliss and what you don’t know will hurt you no matter how innocent you are.

So go for knowledge and not let it kill you. Because information can kill even as vital as it is. Don’t be naive when it comes to common sense about guys and relationships because innocence will not save you from hurt.

Tell me the best way to tell if a guy likes you

There are four things you need to see in anybody to know if they like you or not.

  1. Passion
  2. Sacrifice 
  3. Commitment 
  4. Pleasure

These are the four tests to prove that someone loves you. Without these four features, he/she is just bluffing. Don’t get me wrong because you can like someone without having any of the four features but it won’t last long because once that person messes up a little, you will change your attitude towards them. If you guy says he likes you and wants something serious with you, you should see the four features clearly in him aside from his character and lifestyle.

One of the clear signs that a guy likes you is that he spends time with you no matter how busy he was and is. You give your time to who and what you love.

4. Flirt

This is not one of the best methods but it is sometimes the most efficient tool you have in your arsenal against the guy you want to be your boyfriend. You can read about how to talk to a guy and see the few techniques you can use to make him vulnerable around you even if that’s not the quality of a man.

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When flirting, you should be careful not to step on the line and make a guy do what he is not supposed to do in the first place.

Tell me the best way to attract a boyfriend into your life

1. Be confident and show it

There is nothing as charming as a lady that has confidence and can show it to the world. The problem with most ladies with confidence is that they try to push everyone around them just to show that they are confident in themselves and that they don’t someone to boost their morale. The thing is, this kind of confidence is shameful and embarrassing because no one will want to have anything to do with you when you’re too proud.

When you’re confident and yet humble, you will bring even the toughest man to his knees. There’s something about confidence in a lady that attracts a man to a lady and if you go and work on this part of your life, you will be happy you added this virtue to your archive.

Confidence is not shouting at everyone to make them know that you’re a strong-willed lady. Confidence according to, is the feeling or belief in yourself and your abilities- not in an arrogant way but in a realistic, secure way. Now that you fully understand what confidence is, you can rest assured that you will have a healthy type of confidence.

2. Be open to opportunities

Keep your eye open for opportunities to meet new people in your environment. There are little windows of opportunities that will set the sail for your love but if you miss them? It going to be a sad thing. I’m not saying you’re doomed though because you will still meet the man you want because the world is full of your spec.

What I want you to do is to put your head out and see if there’s anything that would expose you to new places and people. The more people you meet, the more knowledge you have if you’re learning from them. Some say opportunities come once in a lifetime. Well, I don’t believe that because it will be unfair to live for 70-80 years and have just one window of luck to show your abilities or to get the guy you dream of.

10 crucial relationship advice for women

I want to add a few tips on how to attract a boyfriend and then add some advice that will keep you on track in your relationship.

  1. It takes two people to be in a relationship. 
  2. Love doesn’t make a relationship last; knowledge does. 
  3. Whatever you’re as a single person is what you bring to the relationship
  4. You will meet someone that is exactly the way your partner is. Not in looks but in every other character. It all falls on your loyalty. 
  5. Men are not kept by sex. 
  6. All men are not the same. 
  7. Never seek advice from someone who is failing in the area of love. The blind can’t lead the blind. 
  8. Change is inevitable in life and relationships. 
  9. The key to a better relationship is the individuals in it. 
  10. Magic doesn’t happen in love. You either plan your life or watch it plan you. 

I hope these few can help you make the right decisions. The key to a successful relationship is the individuals in it because relationships are like an omelet, it is only as good as the eggs. So, are you a good egg or a bad one?

How to Have a Boyfriend?

If you carefully follow all the steps mentioned above, you will have a boyfriend. Or you can be stubborn and neglect it all but you will still be doing the same thing but you will not get the kind of guy that will treat you well and respect you for who you are.

You see, most times we engage principles and yet we’re not conscious of them. But the truth is, it won’t stop working even if you’re not aware of the fact that a principle is being followed. You will get what you want in life if you keep working and planning toward it but here’s another thing you will get what you don’t want if you don’t plan on what you want.

Having a boyfriend is easy I tell you but the truth is how can you have the kind of guy you want that won’t hurt you every time and keep saying sorry if you don’t plan and work towards it? There’s nothing like love by chance. Even if it is love at first sight, you still need to plan and work if that relationship will go anywhere. [READ: HOW TO GET A BOYFRIEND]

Falling to plan is planning to fail but also planning without putting it to work is also failing. Be serious once it gets to your mental and emotional health. Don’t leave it haphazardly to chance and expect a great miracle of a beautiful relationship.

3. Know what you want – and where to look

If you want a guy that is responsible and hardworking, you know where to look to find him. The problem most ladies have is that they look for a short while and then they give up saying good men don’t exist and they settle for less and then they are abused in the relationship. Sooner or later the guy shows up and then they want to leave their home to follow that prince charming they once wanted.

I’m not advising you to have a boyfriend and then wait for your prince charming. You have to either wait for the kind of guy want and know where to look for him but don’t get into a relationship as a way of compensating yourself while you wait for another person to come and take you away from your partner.

If you like men with muscles, go to the gym and find the one you’re compatible with and if you want a bad guy, go to the dark part of the streets and find him. Don’t look for oranges on an orchard farm. You cannot change an orange to an apple no matter how sincere you are.

Go where oranges are and pluck your oranges but check for the ones that are fresh and have the potential of making your juice (life) sweet.

4. Break out of your comfort zone

Most times ladies are not willing to leave their comfort and search for what they want. They believe it will come to them on their terms and it doesn’t work that way. At least pregnancy has taught us that.

So, break out of your cage and fly till you meet your penguin. Love yourself before you can love others. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love someone else. I know shyness is part of you but it shouldn’t keep you away from life.

Go out of your comfort zone because the earth won’t swallow you for being shy. Don’t go crazy because you’re trying to be out of your comfort zone. Sometimes freedom can be dangerous even as it is sweet.

5. Find hobbies and activities you like

Part of the ways you find peace and satisfaction is by doing the things you like. You should do the things you like and don’t stop even if you find a boyfriend. You bring to the relationship everything you’re as a single person, so why not bring your favorite hobbies and activities you like to the relationship?

If you go to the gym every Tuesday and then you got a boyfriend, it shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you like. Some ladies will say I will like whatever my boyfriend likes and hate whatever he hates. That’s not true ladies, because if he hates your family members, you will start hating your family. If he likes hard drugs, you will like them too right? Don’t be a victim of false beliefs.


Finally, ladies, if you want to know how to attract a boyfriend, you need to follow the tips and instructions given to you. Life will be sweet if you have the knowledge and you know how to use it. Be proper and discreet, be confident, and have a good sense of humor just to add to your arsenal. Love will work if only you have knowledge and understanding about it. You’re ready for a relationship when you have the information.

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